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YIIK: A Postmodern RPG is a video game developed by Ackk Studios, and published by Ysbryd Games. It was released on January 17, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

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YIIK is a 3D JRPG. Players control the protagonist Alex on his quest. He is able to use multiple tools to solve puzzles. The game is separated in 6 different chapters with five different dungeons to explore.

In the original combat, getting a "Perfect!" on this minigame allows you to deal excellent damage.

The battles in the original version heavily relied on minigames to execute moves. Depending on how well the minigame was done, the effectiveness of the action increased. Dodging enemy attacks also had minigames, giving the player a chance to decrease the damage or even dodge the attack altogether. Not everything in battles used these minigames, such as using items from the inventory or certain skills which executed without minigames. A maximum of four party members can be active on the field. Each party member has their own HP and PP to look after, which can be refilled by items from the inventory.

In the 1.25 update, released about 2 years after 1.0, some changes were made to the combat. All the previously normal attacks were changed into "Beat Down" skills for each character. In its place were faster, easy to use minigames. Perfectly performing one of these minigames would grant not only an excellent attack, but give the actor 5 PP back as well. Affinities were also added, which made certain characters deal greater or lesser damage depending on the opponent's affinity in a Rock-Paper-Scissors style system. These additions can both be toggled on a per-character basis with "Deep Strike" and "Imbue Affinity" in the Status menu.

In YIIK I.V, a character's actions have different speeds, represented by the timeline on the bottom right.

In YIIK I.V, the battle mode was changed entirely. A timeline is present which represents when a character will perform an action. Different attacks and skills can execute faster or slower than another. New items known as Karta are present for every actor in the battle mode, which acts as both a shield but also grant special abilities. They can be sacrificed in battle for a unique benefit. When an actor runs out of Karta, the next time they get hit they will start to bleed and gradually lose health. Without Karta, actors can be damaged freely and die.

Actors can also Pierce at random, which ignores Karta defenses and attacks LIFE directly. This effect happens randomly, the rate decided by the PRC stat.

PP is shared across the party, rather than per character. PP can be gained by using items, defending, or killing enemies. It is also automatically obtained after a period of time, represented by the "PP Clock" next to the PP Bar.

Story[edit | edit source]

Note: the following summary is based on version 1.25.

Chapter 1: A Wild Cat Chase[edit | edit source]

A cat steals Alex's grocery list.

On April 4th, 1999, Alex arrives home after graduating from college. To his annoyance, he finds a note from his mother asking to pick up groceries. Immediately after he receives a strange phone call, with a distorted voice claiming that "the needle of the record player has dropped," before hanging up. Unable to make sense of the call, Alex heads into town, becoming distracted by a forest along the way. Outside of this forest, he finds a cat. The cat then steals his grocery list, leading Alex through the forest and into an abandoned factory.

Alex follows the cat into an elevator, before the power goes out. Looking for a fuse box, he discovers a room which looks similar to Alex's bedroom. Inside he finds his childhood imaginary friend Panda. With Panda's help, Alex is able to stumble his way through the factory and meets a mysterious girl, who introduces herself as Sammy. Alex agrees to help Sammy look for her cat, Dali. After reuniting with Dali, Sammy asks for Alex's help in evicting her roommate, Wilhelm. Once Wilhelm has been dealt with, Alex and Sammy head into an elevator to leave. Their ride in the elevator is cut short when the doors violently open and Sammy is taken away by mysterious Entities. Alex only able to helplessly watch.

Exhausted from the day's events, Alex heads home to contemplate what has happened. He receives an email, linking to a thread on ONISM1999. In this post ONISM Logo, Alex sees footage of Sammy being taken from the elevator. He decides to get some sleep after this. Elsewhere, an android girl with green hair lays in a bed surrounded by strange hooded figures. The hooded figures come to some kind of agreement, but it isn't clear what it is. Alex awakens after a rough night, having been unable to get the video of Sammy out of his head. He decides to go back to the factory to look for Sammy. Before leaving, he receives another odd message from an unknown caller. On his way, Alex is reunited with his childhood friend, Michael. They discuss ONISM1999, and the disturbing footage of the girl in the elevator. After picking up Michael's camera, they briefly stop inside the recently opened arcade. The two then make their way to the Factory Hotel. Inside, they encounter a strange being made of stars. The pair escape from the building, this time with photos of the strange beings which kidnapped Sammy.

Chapter 2: A Chance Traveller[edit | edit source]

Back at Alex's house, Alex and Michael discuss the paranormal while waiting for the photos to upload. During this conversation, Alex learns Michael helped create ONISM. When the transfer is finished, Michael is distraught to find that the photos are completely distorted. They upload the photos to ONISM regardless. Two weeks after uploading the photos, another user posts about a girl who rips holes in time and space. Alex and Michael recognize the girl in the photos as the same girl from the Arcade. They head over, where they fight due to a misunderstanding. After getting through to her, they learn her name, Vella, and return to home to show her the photos of her.

Vella recognizes the entities from Michael's pictures and tells the story of her first encounter with the Entities, until she becomes uncomfortable and brings it to a halt. Before returning to the arcade, she introduces Alex and Michael to the Mind Dungeon. Alex once again receives another strange phone call, from his "BEST childhood friend" regarding a memory about listening to the song 'Losing My Religion.' After training in the Mind Dungeon and receiving a message from someone in Wind Town about their missing sister, Alex gives Vella a call. She agrees to go to Wind Town.

"This is all my fault. It's all because of me. Because of what I'm like, you know?"

The group makes their way and meets the user, named Rory. He informs them that his sister Carrie went missing three weeks ago. One day he found her holding her baby toys in the attic. She claimed to need them as gifts for kids who had less than she did, and took seven toys with her. Rory found these toys scattered around town after she had vanished. In each spot where a toy was found, an accident soon followed. The group investigates these locations before heading into the sewer, which Rory claims contains his sister's soul. What they instead find, however, is Rory's "Soul Survivor." It's here when Rory reveals that Carrie didn't just vanish, she committed suicide. Rory feels guilt, blaming himself for his sister's death. He describes separating from his physical form in his grief, his soul nearly entering the "Soul Space".

While Vella offers words of encouragement and explanation to Rory, the party is ambushed by a Golden Alpaca. He sentences the Soul Survivor to "Soul Death" and slices it in half. After the group defeat the alpaca, Alex grows increasingly frustrated by how confusing the whole situation is. Vella explains that the Entities, or Soul Survivors, are visual representations of souls that have escaped their bodies and entered into a world where a physical version of their soul already exists. After exiting from the sewer, Rory begins to break down over his sister. Alex, to the horror of his friends, yells at Rory that "No one cares about your dead sister right now. We almost just died ourselves!" Internally, Alex recognizes that he was in the wrong, but is still unable to apologize. The party splits up, with Vella promising to be in touch, but warning Alex to be better towards his friends.

Chapter 3: Reluctant Apology Tour[edit | edit source]

After a few weeks, Alex's Mom comes home with news to Alex that she has lost her job and needs him to get a job to help with the bills. Alex initially hesitates, but goes around Frankton in search of a job and comes out empty-handed. He goes home for the night and dreams of a mysterious android. He wakes up in the middle of the night and finds an entity living in his home. He chases it through his backyard and to a radio tower, where he finds the sleeve of the Mystical Ultima LP Legend. The entity wants Alex to play the record from the tower, but inside the sleeve there is no record. Alex decides to spend all of his efforts to tracking down this record.

In the morning, Alex checks out the Frankton Record Stop and has no luck. He asks Vella if she wants to venture down to Wind Town with him instead of working her shift at the arcade. Vella, annoyed by this, berates Alex. He explains to her what happened to him last night and shows her the record sleeve, but Vella freaks out at the sight of it. Alex doesn't seem to understand why, and leaves to go to Wind Town by himself. Luckily, right as he exits the arcade, he meets up with Michael. They decide to go look for the record together.

When arriving at Wind Town, Michael pressures Alex to bring Rory along as well and to apologize for what he said. Alex reluctantly agrees and has Rory tag along. The LP is not at the Wind Town Record Store either, so they head to the Strip Mall. Along the way the three bond. Michael offhandedly mentions Y2K, a supposed catastrophic event that will happen by New Years end. While Michael and Rory laugh it off, Alex is deeply terrified by the idea. While the Strip Mall record store still doesn't have the LP, the trio journeys to the flagship store. The store is owned by Claudio, who is also an ONISM user and recognizes the name of the LP from a post. ONISM Logo While they also don't have it, Claudio knows a family friend who has a massive collection who might have it. His sister Chondra tags along, as she and Claudio join Alex on his quest to find this LP.

Tracking along Mt. Town, there are reports from ONISM about the ghost of Semi Pak haunting a cave. ONISM Logo Paranormal investigators from the site flood the caves looking for her. Alex and his friends are the lucky few to find this ghost, who is actually a woman named Liana. She explains how she made a mixtape for her crush, Shane G. Irving. However, on her way to deliver it, she was struck by a car. Slowly dying, she sees Shane with another woman and him not even seeing Liana. She now possesses the mixtape, wishing for it to finally be delivered to Shane so she can be with him forever. Alex takes the tape for later use. Now exiting the cave and at the very top of Mt. Town, the gang meets the Unkrich's family friend Mark, a world traveler and guitarist. Sitting down for some tea, Mark tells a grand tale and bonds with the crew. However, Alex just wants to know if he has the record or not. While Mark, again, doesn't have the LP, he reads the additional information on the sleeve. He notices that the album isn't even out yet, coming out on January 1st, 2000. Even more importantly, he reads the artist's name: Vella Wilde. Alex, completely dumbfounded, explains that if he had just read the cover a bit more, he would've easily figured out it was made by Vella.

Before leaving to see Vella, Alex explains to Claudio and Chondra everything that has happened in his journey to far. Despite being told about extraordinary, paranormal things, they initially focus on Rory's sister's suicide, much to the bewilderment of Alex. They explain that in 1985, their brother Aaron went missing. While they spent all the effort they could in finding him, he never turned up. Chondra pulls Alex aside to tell Alex a bit more about Aaron, but oddly she can't seem to recall a whole lot of details about him. She scolds Alex for expanding Claudio's obsession with missing people to Semi Pak as well. Now returning to Frankton, Alex meets up with Vella and introduces Claudio and Chondra. After hanging out in Burger Joint for a while, Alex sleazily asks Vella about the LP, now knowing why she acted so strange about the record. It's revealed that the LP came from Vella's reality, so the only way to receive the record would be to explore Vella's Mind Dungeon.

Alex finally finding the Mystical Ultima LP Legend.

The group explores and learns a bit about her history: how she was seen as a child prodigy, her parent's high expectations, her dreams of making it big and being a star. They find four Vellas from different periods of her life to play a show, with the real Vella performing vocals. The audience boos and is mortified by the terrible performance. This opens the way to a path, leading to the longingly desired vinyl of Mystical Ultima LP Legend.

Before deciding to play it at the radio tower, the gang listens to it together in Alex's room. This has mixed reactions, all creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. Vella runs out of the house and to the park, and Alex follows. The two alone, Vella tells Alex about her trauma involving her ex-lover who worked on the album. Their strong relationship suddenly ended when he vanished without a trace. Exactly a year later, Vella is playing a show where she sees him again, with an arm wrapped around a girl even younger than her. Traumatized, Vella longed for an escape from reality... which led her to explore the Soul Space, and arrive in Alex's reality. After this intense conversation, the two agree to go back to Alex's home so they can play the record for real.

Chapter 4: Mystical Ultima LP Legend[edit | edit source]

The group reaches the Radio Tower and plays the record. Alex and Vella have a vision of the android– The Essentia 2000– awakening and destroying several Entities. Alex fears for her safety, and insists that they need to find the van that the android’s locked in. They weren’t able to see the outside of the van, however, so another search is in order.

Outside of the radio tower, Rory meets with Alex and asks if he could talk with him for a bit. Choosing to decline just has Alex prioritize the android, and leave Rory dejected. Accepting, however, has them head to Burger Joint, where Rory vents about how losing his sister has made him feel aimless in life. There’s an option to be an asshole and rush Rory immediately, but he doesn’t acknowledge it. This ruder Alex also shuts down Rory emotionally, saying that ‘being depressed is a choice’ and that he should just move on already. Otherwise, Alex tries comforting him, saying that the whole group’s there to support him and that they’re glad to have him around. Rory wraps it up out of embarrassment and says thanks. There’s the choice to either move on and leave, or try kissing Rory. Attempting to kiss Rory just has him awkwardly shut Alex down.

Back at home, Alex reflects that he’s never romantically loved a woman before. He loves his mom, friends, and such, but never felt romantic love. He had also had a dream about the android again, but she was free from the van, human, yet unageing. He felt that she treated him well, and that she was the only woman he had ever treated well. Alex, however, admits that she’ll always be a woman made of plastic. Despite that, he loves her immensely. He thought about Michael, Rory, Claudio, and Chondra, but had no desire to see any of them. Thinking of Vella and Sammy, he felt as though he had wronged them in the dream. He was overcome with a desire to apologize, or thank, or just find Vella and do something between the two.

Acting on that, Alex finds Vella back at the park swings. She talks a bit about the current autumn season– enjoying Thanksgiving but being put off by the faux-happiness of Christmas. Alex says that he took fall as a time of seeing his friends again, but also having to go back to school. He mentions that he misses learning, being a good academic but poor at real life. He is a dreamer, but it’s rarely grounded in reality. Alex then asks Vella how life was back in her reality. She had been avoiding thinking about it, but it wasn’t bad, just slight differences compared to Alex's reality.

Alex asks how it felt to traverse the Soul Space, but she’s unable to put it into words, saying that he would have to experience it for himself. Alex doesn’t believe he could. Vella explains that entering the Soul Space made her realize the existence of unconditional love, but only as something to strive for: it’s an unreachable concept. Alex disagrees, saying that he’s experienced it himself. Vella asks who it was with, and Alex details the dream with the android, that it was either Vella, Sammy, the android, or an amalgamation of the three. Vella assures him that it’s not her, and that Sammy is gone somewhere out in the Soul Space.

He asks where they could find the android, and Vella lets him know that Rory made an ONISM1999 post asking for any sightings of the van based on its presence in previous posts about Sammy ONISM Logo. Alex promises that he’ll read the post later and asks about transport. Vella doesn’t have a car, but mentions that Claudio would probably be fine with lending his jeep. She recommends that Alex spends some time getting to know both Claudio and Chondra better. They wrap up and ask Claudio to drive so they can follow leads from ONISM1999 about the android. Reuniting with each party member, Alex tells them that they should regroup and follow any leads that come up. There’s a brief break to talk with Chondra, with her sharing details about her and Claudio’s life (and getting extremely annoyed if Alex uses this time to bring up her missing brother again).

A message from Rory indicates the possible locations where the android might be. With this newfound information in tow, they take Claudio’s jeep to each location. Each location only yields dialogue and items, except the mall, where they find the van with Essentia. Some mallrats open the van before heading into the mall, so the group chases them down and battles them for the keys. After opening the van and looking inside, they find the Essentia. Alex fawns over her beauty, before being whisked away to a scene in space.

The Essentia 2000 finally meets Alex.

Attached to each other with wires, Essentia thanks him, her ‘favorite soul’, for finding her. She explains that the two of them are Soul Mates, and Semi had already chosen to leave to the Soul Space before Alex came across her - the two Soul Survivors were parts of her that had already left. She attributes her knowledge to the fact that Semi is a part of her, as the Essentia is made up of many different parallel lives. She also explains due to the nature of the Soul Space, she was able to enter Alex’s reality because of Semi’s disappearance, as one life can fill the spot of another as long as they're either parallels, or the replacement had some emotional connection to the departed. Her body had been captured by the two entities that Alex had just defeated, so she could only wait for Sammy to either die or leave reality. After that happened, she returned as the white Entity that haunted Alex’s house, regaining her strength, and guiding him to the radio tower. She also clarifies that Vella’s record was as important as it was because Vella is another part of her. She had used Alex’s sleeping body to astral project and search for her body, causing the dreams of the android in the van. Only one parallel life connected to the Essentia exists in each reality, but the Essentia herself is pan-dimensional, built to better understand these lives.

Apologizing for taking Alex away from his friends, she takes her to her Mind Dungeon, ‘on a tour of her parallel lives’, hoping to help Alex better understand the nature of reality. She explains her inception and eventual creation. After traveling the dungeon, and meeting Naila El-Amin, Serna Yemina, and Oda Kreutzer, they find a parallel life that Essentia doesn’t recognize, Yuzu Imajo. Yuzu recognizes Alex as someone who had wronged him in the past, and fights him for the sake of revenge. After defeating him, a confused Alex asks Essentia to explain what’s going on. She explains that a version of him had hurt Yuzu, but that ‘the better person’ isn’t someone perfect, but someone who can make mistakes and acknowledge/fix the flaws that caused them. Essentia mentions that she also makes mistakes, overwhelmed by the urge to ‘do the right thing'. She could never hurt or allow Alex to get hurt, and although he hurt Yuzu, the part of him that did so exists in all humans. Alex asks if he - his parallel selves - also hurt the rest of the Essentia’s parallel lives like this. Essentia chooses not to answer. He dwells on his feelings about the tour, about everything weird that happened thus far, and how distant he feels from Sammy.

The last place of the tour ends up being Alex’s Mind Dungeon, which was apparently the foyer of Essentia’s Mind Dungeon. She grants him access to the Hall of Parallel Lives. She asks that he doesn’t explore any of the doors, as they hold the rest of his active parallel lives, and that it would be traumatic to experience them at this point. The door at the farthest end contains the past and future of our Alex, which she uses to show him what lies at the heart of all his selves- destruction. Alex is overcome by the sight, and is met with figures that detail him in a bright aura arriving and obliterating each of their realities. The Essentia explains that his inaction is going to destroy his reality, as it’s done to many others.

His reality is doomed, but she gives him the ultimatum of either aiding the destruction, or fighting against it. She asks him to enter the Soul Space with her, so that they could work to protect future realities. Alex insists that they stay here, as he doesn’t want to leave his friends and family to die. Essentia flips and says she’ll support Alex no matter what choice he makes. In all of her parallel lives, she truly loved each reality’s Alex, no matter how much they hurt her. They agree to tell Alex’s friends and have them all train for the end, and head back to reality.

Chapter 5: The Y2K Problem[edit | edit source]

Now, returning to the mall, they head back to Frankton. Alex gets freaked out by the police car sitting in front of his house, and heads inside. His mom had reported him missing, as nobody knew where he was for days. The Essentia gives a quick excuse to his mom as to why. The police officer heads out, and seeing as Alex is back, his mom excitedly tells him that she found a new job programming Y2K-compatible versions of software. Alex asks what Y2K is, and she explains it as a machine-breaking computer bug.

In Alex’s bedroom, they plan what to do next. Essentia believes it’d be best if she spoke to Vella directly, so Alex calls her over. If the player chose to be rude and uncaring towards Rory, Vella bursts into tears and gives him the news that Rory took his own life. Alex, of course, makes this about himself, haunted by the idea that it was all his fault, and that he could have saved Rory if he had made the right choices.

Vella comes over, and recognizes Essentia as the android from the van. Alex sits in his bedroom and lets them talk, reflecting about how the two people two floors below him shared the same soul, the nature of parallel lives, and how little he really knew about reality. Vella agrees to join them in the fight. They work out that the end is going to happen alongside Y2K, and Alex leaves to find the others. Everyone is eager to help Alex in the battle, but nobody knows where Michael is.

Michael soon calls Alex on the phone, telling him to meet him in the forest meadow. Alex, after somehow "looking for him for a week", finds him floating, having "gone Proto" after meeting a parallel self and exploring the rest of his parallel lives within his Mind Dungeon. Now Proto-Michael, he explains how mind-shattering it was to experience all these lives, and how it deconstructed his idea of reality. He’s already aware of Alex’s question, having already been through several loops where he declines Alex and reality is destroyed, but agrees this time in the hopes that reality can be saved. He asserts that "everything is wrong" and "something is broken", asking if Alex misremembers things before they both return to Alex’s house. On the way back, Alex feels as though he’s finally with the "real" version of Michael.

With everyone caught up to speed on their goal, and Alex filled with a new sense of purpose, the final month is spent training, exploring the Mind Dungeon, and spending time with friends.

On New Year’s Eve, the phone goes off with a series of incoherent calls - the mystery voice asking if he’s asked himself the question, Sammy casually asking about Dali, his Dad suddenly being worried about where he’s been, Jane from Two Brothers calling him Roy and blaming him for her death, Chondra asking for her camera and saying that she dreamed she was a boy, his mom asking when he’ll be home to watch cartoons with Claudio, Michael asking for his hula hoop and headphones and considering restyling his hair, Michael shrieking that he’s gotten stuck in the Mind Dungeon, and Sammy asking why he "always disappears" on her.

Alex and his friends right before the end of Alex's reality.

Alex goes over all the inconsistencies happening lately- his Mom had never worked for Pacific Chime, and the time/reasoning of Michael moving back to Frankton doesn’t add up. Panda reminds him that he had planned to meet with his friends to head to the city. Alex’s dad suddenly appears on the couch before Alex heads out. Outside, reality’s degraded to the point of looking like crude doodles. Unless Alex has second thoughts, he greets his friends as they remind him that they’re going to see the ball drop.

Essentia explains to him that reality’s been broken since the very beginning, as all of his friends are versions from different realities. Alex is still frustrated by the fact that it’s him that’s going to destroy reality, but Essentia assures him that someone else would have done it regardless. Arriving at NYC, the group makes their way to Times Square, where the ball’s just about to drop. Facing the comet proves to be futile, as it unstoppably banishes the party one by one.

Chapter 6: Epilogue[edit | edit source]

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After the Proto-Comet destroys all of reality, Alex is left alone with Panda on a stranded island version of his home. In a deep state of depression, Alex decides to use his phone to enter the Soul Space and wander. Hoping to confide in Panda, he asks what they should do next, but Panda doesn't have any answer. Instead, he reveals himself to just be a stuffed panda and floats away, leaving Alex alone.

Vella before leaving Alex forever(?).

Eventually, Alex stumbles across a "rock planet" (or a "lone star") and meets alternate versions of himself that suffered a similar fate he did. However, while Alex tried to fight the comet, all of these Alexes just let the destruction happen and entered the soul space prematurely. He gets told to not go to the other side of the rock, but ignores the advice and finds four robed Alexes aiming to destroy another reality and invites Alex to join. Alex declines, but watches as they form into a comet, destroying reality after reality. As this happens, Alex recalls his experience up to this point.

Alex experiences his grief all over again, witnessing his friends behind robed Alexes disappearing before him. While Alex cries out for them, none respond. After travelling through the Soul Space, Alex discovers a planet, not yet destroyed, and decides to do what he should've done and save it. Alex reveals that the reality he wanted to save is the player's. Once the player agrees, them and their reality's Michael, Vella, Rory, Claudio, Chondra and Essentia help Alex to fight against the comet.

The comet is composed of many "proto-alexes" which represent some kind of issue Alex has, like his pretentiousness, obsession with media, masturbation habits(?), and weight. However, none of these really represent the issues which Alex got to this point, what Essentia previously described as "destruction." After defeating these supposed flaws, Alex briefly gets to meet a "Spectre" appearing as Sammy, warning him that what he's about to see is terrible, apologizing for "it" using her to get Alex to get to this point.

Alex finds himself in The Throne Room where he meets the Essentia 995 and Proto-Alex, together known as the Twisted Beings. Proto-Alex explains that Essentia 995 is a liar who envies Proto-Alex, and has manipulated Alex to end the division which ties them together. Essentia 995 confirms this to be true, as, "It is often necessary to lie to yourself to get a tough job done. You've done it. We've all done it. I said what I needed to say to get you here. I'm sorry if I used the poor girl's disappearance as a catalyst. But would anything else really have motivated you?" Pissed at this revelation, Alex and company attempts to defeat them, but they're seemingly invincible.

Alex ends up in Heaven and meets Roy Guarder, the protagonist of Two Brothers. Roy tells him that they're alike in that they lost everything. But despite that, Alex should keep fighting to end the division, and think about it in a different way. He is allowed to return and works with the player to pull the plugs around Essentia 995 and Proto-Alex. Despite the protest that it's, "...the only thing keeping this division permanent," and that, "WITHOUT THIS EVERYTHING GOES BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS!!," they go through with it and pull the plug.

The only thing left on-screen is The Player, posed in a cross. Alex apologizes to the player for dragging them into his business, but appreciates the help from them, idolizing them and wishing they were just like the player.

I.V[edit | edit source]

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I.V is an upcoming update to YIIK, which adds new story content and a new battle system.

Development[edit | edit source]

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The game was originally known as Project Y2K. A prototype was shown off in PAX East 2014.


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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The game was originally announced as Project Y2K.[Citation Needed]
  • When deciding on the name of the game, one of the ideas was "1999: A Reality Odyssey", a reference to the film "2001: A Space Odyssey."[Citation Needed]
  • The game received many delays, once intending to be released in 2016.[Citation Needed]
  • YIIK was the Allanson Brothers first 3D game.[Citation Needed]
  • Ports to the PS Vita and Wii U were planned before being scrapped.[Citation Needed]