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Voiced By Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Color Yellow

Mark is a family friend of Chondra and Claudio, a musician turned traveler of the world, and a certified metalhead.

Story[edit | edit source]

During Chapter 3, on the hunt for the vinyl of Mystical Ultima LP Legend, the party decides to visit Mark's place at the top of Mt. Town Cave in hopes that he'll know something about the record. After telling a lengthy story, Mark reads the record sleeve, revealing that the record is yet to release on January 1st, 2000, and that it was made by Vella Wilde (much to Alex's embarrassment, as he forgot to read it first). He doesn't know anything beyond that, but suggests that they look for the vinyl within the Mind of Vella Wilde.

Mark's Friend[edit | edit source]

The majority of the visit to Mark is taken up by Mark telling the story behind the tea he served the party. He had a friend who developed stomach cancer and moved to India after their friendship had become strained due to his condition and their differences in belief. After many weeks, his friend sent a letter with coordinates leading to the mountains of India, prompting Mark to travel to them. Atop the peak of Mt. Kangchenjunga, Mark discovered that his friend had miraculously recovered with water. The water had been boiled in particularly styled pots created by the Yogis of Doddabetta, which was said to have great healing powers. They traveled the mountains together, and his friend was able to muster up inhuman strength to save him from rocks he had gotten trapped under during a storm. Mark still believes that his friend had survived his cancer to save him. When they returned from their travels, the hermit who had saved his friend was gone from his camp, but he had left behind the pot used to create the water cure, and a container of the Da Hong Pao tea that Mark has now.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has the largest record collection on the East Coast.
  • He plays guitar, and has a sizable collection of them.
  • He sponsored the 'Bring Him Home' concert for Claudio and Chondra's cousin who fought in the Gulf War.
  • He strongly believes that metal is the 'aural manifestation' of all things good in the world.
    • According to him, that's the reason why Claudio and Chondra's cousin made it home safely.
  • His greatest hit is titled "Murder Run: ...and Melancholia Reigns Unbroken".
  • One of his (very many) albums is titled "Scene of Decay: The Stoned: Part IX".
    • One of the songs from that album, Chondra's favorite, is titled "Disfigured By Eligos On the High Altar of Honor".
  • Two of his songs, "Dragon of Thy Delusion" and "Powered by Delirium", were featured in the anime Panic! Control.