Nameless Child

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Nameless Child

Voiced By Brittany Lauda
Age Unknown
Hair Color Red
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Nameless Child is a character in YIIK I.V. Not much is known about them. They have an appearance very similar to Allison and Carrie. They are the sister to the Bad Brother and the Good Brother.

They are also a mini-boss in the Mind Dungeon when you open a foil.

Story[edit | edit source]

After falling from a "mysterious tower," the Nameless Child falls into the Blackened Pond. She finds an angel (who looks like Asuka) who gives her the name "Carrie." After failing to catch the "Bad Brother," she goes behind a rock to find William, who is about to have a birthday party. She trades her name Karta for his Birthday Invitation Karta. She shows the invite to the Handsome Krow, who guards the way to the party. She enters an Iron Maiden which allows her to progress further.

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