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A Sorrowful Maiden Karta being used in combat.

Kartas are a gameplay mechanic introduced by YIIK I.V. They can be placed in the Back (B) Middle (M) and Front (F) of a party member or an enemy to protect their HP. This doesn't completely protect them as a lucky pierce attack can go straight through the Karta and hit the HP directly.

Each Karta has powers, including stat upgrades and a unique passive ability. Once the Karta is destroyed however, these benefits are lost. The Karta can also be sacrificed for a special ability. Once a battle is complete, the player will regain all of their Karta back.

You can obtain new Karta by opening Foils found in the Mind Dungeon. They can be leveled up in the Mind Dungeon and start at level 1.

Karta Stat Hand Use

STR 1, AGL 1, LUK 1, PRC 1 The Heart, different from the Soul. Regenerate a small amount of life every turn. Attack all enemies.

The Seamstress
unknown Life doubled. Regenerates a small amount of life every turn. Restore Karta, but set Life to 1, all.

The Wine of Fortune
unknown Luck is greatly increased, grater chance of a rare item drop if intact after a fight. Reduce enemy Luck.

The Changed Prince
unknown Karta in hand are repaired a bit every turn. Discard Karta hand, and draw new Karta from another realm.

The Poison Apple
unknown Player will be in bleed state, but will always deal direct damage when attacking. Stop all party members from bleeding. Heals on higher levels.

The Hungry Traveler
unknown User will always be in bleed state. Speed is increased greatly, and item effects are doubled. Slow bleeding for the duration of battle.

The Noble Thief
unknown Speed and Agility are increased. Steal single Karta from an enemy, while piercing their Life.

The Deep Well
unknown Affinity changed to Water. Deal more damage, but Speed is greatly decreased. Auto-extinguish fire. Lower target Speed.

The Silver Spoon
unknown Trade this Karta in for cash at the end of battle, if it survives. Attack with the strength of your wallet. More money, more damage. You will not lose the money.

The Crooked Man
unknown Immune to most Piercing attacks. Increased Agility and Piercing. Damage enemy Agility.

The Torn Hat
unknown Gain more EXP on battle end. Greatly damage enemy Luck.

The Fattened Calf
unknown Stats are greatly improved. +10 MAX PP for the entire battle. Heal Karta of all allies.

The Sorrowful Maiden
unknown Attack all Karta rows. Lower maximum Life of target.

Leveling up also has some form of Karta.

Exploring the Mind Dungeon has a "wing" Karta which allows Alex to jump, and a "camera" Karta which allows changing the camera to whatever angle you like.

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