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Rory Mancer A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Rory in your reality!

Classification Loner
Concientous Objector/Healer
Screen Name BearsNecessity
Voiced By Andrew Fayette (Yuriofwind)
Age 23[1]
Height 6'2 (slouching)
6'3 (standing up straight)[2]
Hair Color Blonde
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"Hi, I'm Rory. I'm a scene kid with a dead sister."

Rory Mancer is a main character in YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG. He's a resident of Wind Town and an active ONISM user, but people tend to not reply to his posts very often.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A quiet boy with a troubled past.

Rory is a pacifist and doesn't wish to bring harm onto anyone. He is so committed to his ideals that he will not attack any enemies in battle, and instead opting to defend others and take the hit. Fittingly, he feels responsible for Carrie's suicide, as he believes she was bullied specifically for being his sister.

In a conversation with The Essentia 2000, Rory expresses his desire to save people who have suicidal thoughts, and make others realize how precious life is. However he also struggles with depression and grief. Rory desperately seeks for attention, and seems to use ONISM as a way to engage with other people. However he's not very popular, and often ends a post typing "THERE ARE NO MORE REPLIES TO THIS POST", a self-aware joke knowing that no one will respond to him.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Carrie[edit | edit source]

Carrie was Rory's younger sister who committed suicide. It's clear that the two were very close, as Rory mentions her very often and feels her presence even after death. Rory feels responsible for her death because he believes that she was bullied at school because of him.

Vella[edit | edit source]

When Rory meets his own soul survivor and is convinced it's Carrie, Vella tells him that this is not true. Vella is sympathetic to Rory and tries to comfort him about his sister's death.

Alex[edit | edit source]

Despite Alex clearly hating him "lying," Rory often accepts the verbal abuse and even agrees with him. He later asks to have a personal conversation with him in Chapter 4, but this may be not be because Rory actually likes Alex, but because he feels like he has no one else to talk to about it.

Story[edit | edit source]

Rory makes a post on ONISM called Sensing the presence of a passed loved one ONISM Logo, which is about about his sister, Carrie, who committed suicide. He believes he can still feel her presence. Alex, accompanied by Michael and Vella, come to investigate with Rory down in a sewer. Rory meets with his soul Survivor, who he believes is Carrie. He feels as if her death was his fault. The Golden Alpaca interrupts and kills the soul survivor. After exiting the sewer, Alex tells Rory off for bringing them to such a dangerous situation, and Rory runs off.

Michael pushes Alex to apologize to Rory for what he said. No matter if he actually does or not, Rory helps Alex with his quest to find the Mystical Ultima LP Legend.

A few days after Alex runs off with The Essentia 2000, if the player has made certain choices, Rory will commit suicide. After he dies, a suicide note is posted to ONISM. ONISM Logo Later, if the player does Ending 2, he appears as a ghost in the supply closet that "only people with dead friends are allowed to go in" and tells the player that his death wasn't their fault.

I.V[edit | edit source]

Not much has been revealed of Rory's involvement in I.V yet.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Pacifism[edit | edit source]

"Take a hit for all allies currently in the team for one hit"

PP: None

HP/PP Swap[edit | edit source]

"Swap Rory's HP and PP Values."

PP : None

Protest[edit | edit source]

"Fight for what you believe in! Chance of lowering an enemy's luck."

PP : 2

This move effects the entire enemy party.

Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

"Give up Rory's remaining HP to revive a fallen party member."

PP : 25

Talk[edit | edit source]

"Attempt to reason with the enemy by talking."

PP : 15

This move can instantly defeat an enemy, making it extremely strong. The less HP an enemy has, the more likely it has the chance to work.

Holy Heal[edit | edit source]

"Divide up the damage Rory has taken as health to heal the party."

PP : 4

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