Essentia's Mind Dungeon

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Essentia's Mind Dungeon is a dungeon found within the mind(s) of The Essentia 2000. It's also the final dungeon of the game.

Story[edit | edit source]

During Chapter 4, once Alex finds the Essentia, she transports him to her Mind Dungeon to both give him a 'tour' of her parallel lives, and better his understanding of reality.

After working through puzzles and odd sights to meet the parallels Naila El-Amin, Serna Yemina, and Oda Kreutzer, the tour is suddenly interrupted by a parallel life that the Essentia is unable to recall, Yuzu Imajo. Yuzu recognizes Alex as someone who had hurt him in the past, battling him for the sake of revenge. After his defeat, the Essentia comforts Alex as he freaks out about what his parallel lives have done. The tour concludes with Essentia taking Alex to his own Mind Dungeon, as it was seemingly connected to Essentia's the entire time. She warns Alex of the destruction which lies at the heart of all his parallel selves, and the impending destruction of his reality. Alex refuses to give into fate, insisting that they fight back against whatever comes to destroy his reality. The Essentia obliges, and they begin preparing for the end before exiting the Mind Dungeon.