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Age 12/13
Hair Color Blonde

Carrie is Rory's sister, who committed suicide when she was only a preteen. Ever since then, Rory found it hard to cope with her death.

Story[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Carrie outside of what Rory says about her.

Carrie passed roughly three weeks before Alex met Rory. She went to school, left, then vanished. Rory says that their parents didn't bother getting the police involved. Rory is under the belief that she committed suicide because of her being bullied at school. This is backed up by a kid at Wind Town calling her a weirdo, and that he's "...glad she's gone." Rory specifically mentions the girls at school, who pick on her for being HIS sister specifically, and blames everything on him.

A few months before Carrie disappeared, she was boxing up gifts for people who were less fortunate than her and left. Rory went looking after her and found seven toys scattered around, presumably left by Carrie. According to Rory, each place where a toy was left, a lethal accident would later occur.

Two weeks after she died, Rory went down to the Wind Town Sewer and found a bunch of Carrie's things. He speculated that maybe she fell down into the sewer and died on accident, rather than it being a suicide. Even despite her passing, Rory still feels her presence. ONISM Logo He gets Alex and his friends to investigate the sewer because of his belief that she is somehow still alive in some way.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Judging from the framed picture Rory has in in YIIK I.V, Carrie loved to play baseball with Rory.
  • Carrie is mentioned as a 13 year old instead of a 12 year old on the YIIK website.
  • After the party realizes she's dead, the Wind Town sign will say it has a population of 14 rather than 15.
  • One of the graves in Wind Town belongs to her.