Vella's Song

From ONISM1999

Vella's Song plays when all the Vellas in Vella's Mind Dungeon are gathered for a performance. It was composed by Andrew Allanson, with a vocal performance by Mika Maruyama.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

When you see me next, I'll be somebody playing for a crowd who screams my name.

I'm a star, soaring.

When they scream my name, I'll take a bow, and then we start to play my anthem of victory.

Love me, praise me.

I am everything that I can be now. I'm a superstar. They speak my name on TV.

Everyone was wrong. I am somebody. I'm on top again. I am high with victory-

Know me, praise me.

Take my word for it. I'll always be a loser, you know it. I know it's just a dream. Fame is not for me.

I'm a hack. I have nothing to say. Drown me in the sea. That is better for your ears.