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An affinity is an elemental system introduced in 1.25. Certain affinities are stronger or weaker against another. Enabling "imbue affinity" in the status menu will disable the affinity for that character.

Two affinities against each other will cause a "clash." The opponent will take extra damage as if hit by a weakness on a random chance, influenced by the luck stat.

Metal Fire Water Wood Earth
Defending Metal

Other Affinities[edit | edit source]


The Unknown affinity (represented by a question mark) means that the system doesn't matter for that particular entity, and will simply take base damage. This is not to be confused with an undiscovered affinity.

Wild Card
Wild Card

Wild Card is a special case. Entities with this affinity will change their affinity type randomly from turn to turn. Chondra's stances can influence what specific affinities she will get after a turn's end.

Copy Card
Copy Card

Copy Card has a similar appearance to the Wild Card, with two arrows on its icon. When someone with this affinity gets hit, their affinity changes to who attacked them.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Affinity system is based off a Chinese concept known as Wuxing.
  • Chondra is the only character in the game which can obtain the Copy Card.