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The Soul Space is a nebulous space between realities. A person is able to enter the Soul Space once either their reality is destroyed, or they willfully separate spirit from body. In most cases, these people only remain as Soul Survivors, devoid of physical form. Soul Survivors that were forced out by the destruction of their reality often long to return to physical existence, and as such use the Soul Space in order to find other realities so that they can fill the space of their parallel.

The Soul Space is explained as early as Chapter 2, as Vella traversed it herself, and the presence of a parallel Rory in the Sewer Dungeon prompted a boatload of questions from Alex. Alex is forced to experience it firsthand in Chapter 6 once the Proto Comet succeeds in destroying his reality.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All realities seen in the Soul Space appear as planets, but it's unclear how galaxies or the greater universe fit into this space without contradicting realities. This is likely an oversight by the creator of the concept.
    • The Soul Space also holds non-reality planets, as the Alex Planet is solely inhabited by refuge parallel Alexs.
  • Despite Alex's reality being destroyed, he was able to retain his physical form out in the Soul Space without issue.
    • All of his parallels appear to share this oddity.