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Parallel lives are lives from different realities that are linked by sharing one soul. One parallel self exists in each reality, but they can go through the Soul Space to replace another. This can only be achieved so long as the replacement is filling the space of their own parallel or someone that they hold an emotional connection to, and that the life being replaced is either dead or absent somewhere out in the Soul Space. The concept is initially explained by the Essentia during Chapter 4, as she was built to better understand all the parallel lives of her soul. Though mostly mentioned and told during the main story, many different sets of parallels are implied elsewhere.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The Essentia 2000[edit | edit source]

During her initial meeting with Alex, she mentions a variety of her parallel selves, including Vella and Sammy. She mentions a life named Aalis Albert, but they're never seen or mentioned further. She also calls Alex her "Soul Mate", but doesn't elaborate on the term. The exploration of her Mind Dungeon revolves around better understanding all of her parallel lives. The lives found within the dungeon are Naila El-Amin, Serna Yemina, Oda Kreutzer, and, unexpectedly, Yuzu Imajo. The dungeon is later shown to be deeper sections of Alex's Mind Dungeon, implying that she might instead be his parallel. A key parallel life of hers, the Essentia 995, makes up one half of the Twisted Beings.

Alex[edit | edit source]

At the end of Essentia's Mind Dungeon, she shows him the nature of all of his parallel selves. They're all embodiments of destruction, either actively destroying realities, or too inactive to do anything against said destruction. Regardless of the scale, their defining features tend to be how they damage themselves or those around them, such as the four parallels that supposedly represent our Alex's worst character traits, or the man who caused Vella to leave her reality. A key parallel life of his, Proto Alex, makes up one half of the Twisted Beings.

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