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Michael K. A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Michael's sprite
Michael's sprite

Michael in battle

Proto Michael sprite
Proto Michael sprite

Michael in your reality!

Michael's sprite in the prototype
Michael's sprite in the prototype
Classification Photographer
Conspiracy Theorist
Screen Name VerraFORMER
Voiced By Clifford Chapin
Age 19 (Dubious)
Hair Color Brown
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"It's just kinda been my thing for a while. Conspiracies, ghosts, missing people, things like that."

Michael K. is the co-founder of ONISM, with a clear obsession with the paranormal and conspiracies. Despite this grim interest, he's a cheery guy who loves to crack jokes. He also has an interest in writing stories, photography, and computers.

Personality[edit | edit source]

An old friend from high school. He's as smart as he looks!

Michael likes to make quips and jokes during casual conversation. But even with his mostly lighthearted personality, he doesn't sugarcoat how he feels. A particular moment is when Alex humiliates Rory for "lying to him," Michael calls him out on how he's being a jerk. He expresses great disappointment in how users of ONISM treated the Elevator Girl video.

He tends to value his youth very highly, and makes fun of Alex and Vella for being "ancient." He even has great nostalgia for games like Lufia 2, which came out only a few years before 1999.

His fascination with the supernatural and true crime stems all the way from childhood, where he would catch shows about missing people. His passion led him to create ONISM1999 so that he could share his interest with the world. Oftentimes he'll try to bring the Soul Survivors back into conversation, and encourages Alex to find Sammy.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Alex[edit | edit source]

Michael and Alex used to be childhood friends. He seems to want Alex to be a better person, as he pushes him to apologize towards Rory.

As Proto-Michael, he decides to help Alex with saving reality, even though all of his other iterations always tell him no.

Allison[edit | edit source]


Story[edit | edit source]

YIIK[edit | edit source]

When Michael was really young, he would sneak into his parent's room and watch shows about missing people. This is where he got his interest in more dark subjects, like the supernatural. In Christmas of 1996, Michael's father got a computer where he would do all his writing on. Michael grew a fascination with computers, and once Avril got internet for Frankton he would spend a lot of time on paranormal websites when his dad wasn't home. In Christmas of 1998, Michael would get his own computer. He eventually met a friend on an online chatroom and found that they both had a fascination with the supernatural. Together they decided to create ONISM1999.

Later in 1999, Michael meets up with Alex for the first time in, apparently, years. Fresh from the SATs, they small-talk for a bit until the tone shifts when bringing up ONISM. Alex tells him that he knows about the site and is aware of the location of the Elevator Girl. After picking up a new camera to take some pictures, when they arrive at the Factory Hotel they come face to face with an entity. They manage to take a few pictures before running home, bewildered with what they just saw.

Michael uploads the photos to ONISM, ONISM Logo realizing that the photos they took were somehow distorted. Interestingly, the photos are also set in a completely different location from where they actually found the entity.

Proto-Michael[edit | edit source]

While Alex was away in the Essentia's Mind Dungeon, Michael explored his own Mind Dungeon for 9 days to meet his parallel selves. He saw the pattern of his parallel lives and decided to try and diverge from it- becoming Proto-Michael, a new beginning for him.

As the time ticks down towards Y2K, Proto-Michael pleads for other people to try and realize that something is wrong with the way reality currently is. He explains a story about how he witnessed that in a parallel life, he was the friend he founded ONISM with, which means the chatroom somehow had the ability to connect to different realities. He also discusses how the Soul Survivors driving The Essentia 2000 around contradicts what they knew about them entirely.

Alex's Memory of Michael[edit | edit source]

On New Years Eve, Alex realizes that his memory of Michael contradicts with what he knew before. Michael moved away when he was 10 years old, and when Alex was 12 years old. He apparently had some sort of "falling out" with Alex, and told Alex to meet with him but Michael never showed up.

It's likely that the lyrics of "Break Away" refer to this event.

I.V[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Michael's involvement in I.V yet. He spends time with a mysterious entity known as The Camera in his Dark Room.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Beat Down[edit | edit source]

PP: 2

This minigame is short and simple. A string of inputs must be hit when the line crosses them, adding to your combo. The amount of inputs depends on the weapon Michael has equipped.

Photoshoot[edit | edit source]

PP: 4

Take rapid photos to damage enemies with the blinding light of the camera flash!

Glamour Shot[edit | edit source]

Glamour Shot's faces and what effects will be given to a party member.

PP: 2

Attempt to take a good photo of a friend to boost their morale.

Mug Shot[edit | edit source]

Mug Shot's faces and what effects will be given to an enemy.

PP: 3

Attempt to take a bad photo of a foe to hurt their self-image.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Michael was the 3rd character designed for YIIK.
  • Michael was based on Andrew Allanson's cousin, Michael Kucinski.[1]
  • In the old Battle Mode, Michael has an unobtainable ability called Soul Capture. It costed 15 pp and would "...capture the soul of an enemy to use their powers against them!" It was later implemented in the new combat style for I.V.
  • In the old Battle Mode, Michael has an unused ability called Scan. It costed 1 pp and would scan enemy stats.
  • Early in Chapter 2, Michael brings up that he has a cousin with a six year old daughter.

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