Vella's Mind Dungeon

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Vella's Mind Dungeon is a dungeon found in, of course, Vella Wilde’s mind. It lacks an end boss, but instead has a goal of assembling a band of various Vellas to put on a performance. Each member is reluctant to go on stage, so the main puzzle is finding the items/information needed to motivate them.

After traversing the dungeon and convincing each Vella to perform, they play Vella’s Song, and the path to the Mystical Ultima LP Legend is revealed.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The use of a psi symbol in the dungeon’s logo is likely referencing Earthbound’s PSI techniques, given Vella’s role in the story.
  • Jill (from Va-11 Hall-a) and Turing (from 2064: Read Only Memories) make an appearance at a bar that's labelled "VA-11HALL-A".
    • The drink that Jill serves to Alex, a Gut Punch, is a real drink found in both games.