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The Alex Planet is a minor area featured at the beginning of the Epilogue.

Story[edit | edit source]

After the Proto Comet destroys Alex's reality, and Panda leaves him, Alex is left to drift through the Soul Space until he comes across the planet. Various parallel Alexs on the planet reveal that the Essentia did this to them as well: they went through the same journey that Alex did and found out the fate of their realities. They don't seem too bothered by it, as Alex was the only one who tried to fight the destruction and refused to follow Essentia into the Soul Space during her initial offer.

The parallels warn Alex that, though they all just relax and do whatever on this planet, nobody is allowed to go behind the rocks. Ignoring this advice, Alex finds a group of robed Alexs conspiring, planning to form a new comet to continue destroying realities. They ask if Alex wishes to join them in doing so.

If Alex accepts, he laments that he really was always meant to become this. The comet forms and flies off, with the screen fading to black. Sped up versions of Alex Eagleston and Machine and the Krow play over each other as the credits speed by in a fake ending.

If Alex refuses, the comet still forms, but he now simply follows the comet as it destroys reality after reality, losing his grip on his memory and sense of self in the process.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though the ending with joining the comet isn't a "real" ending by any means, you still have to load a previous save after it happens, since the story would end right there.