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Chondra Unkrich A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Chondra in your reality!

Classification Hula Hooper
Voiced By Michaela Laws
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
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"Look, I'm more than that terrible thing that happened to my family. I really am."

Chondra Unkrich is a main character in YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG. Alex meets her alongside her brother, Claudio. While Claudio is obsessed with his missing brother Aaron, Chondra seems disinterested, wanting to move on.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The last of the unkrich twins, and a huler of the hoop.

Chondra is a friendly and outgoing person, who likes cracking a joke from time to time. She's also headstrong and assertive, which is particularly shown when she challenging Alex's actions.

For a Christmas and Birthday trip, Chondra went to Japan and met a girl named Bera. They bonded for the time they stayed, teaching her hula hooping. Before Chondra left Japan, Bera bought her the outfit she wears throughout the game.

Chondra is dissatisfied with the concept that college is the "best years of your life," believing people only say such a thing because it's what TV or their parents have said.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Claudio[edit | edit source]

Chondra is close with Claudio and cares about his wellbeing. She knows how much Claudio misses Aaron, and is worried that Alex will re-ignite his obsession.

Aaron[edit | edit source]

Aaron was Chondra's twin brother who went missing as a kid. Chondra wants to move on and stop thinking about his disappearance, but Claudio's insistence on finding him prevents her from that. She doesn't remember much about Aaron, only what others tell her about him.

Mark[edit | edit source]

Chondra and Mark and good friends. When Claudio and Chondra were kids, Mark sponsored the "bring him home" concert to help their cousin return from the Gulf War.

Alex[edit | edit source]

Chondra is openly critical of Alex for his obsession with Sammy, and for fueling Claudio's obsession by getting him involved. She likes to make jokes about him as well, but despite this she doesn't seem to hate Alex.

Story[edit | edit source]

Chondra was born around 1981, and is Claudio's sister, and the twin sister of Aaron. While Claudio is concerned about his brother Aaron's disappearance in 1985, Chondra believes that life has to move on and that she can't spend all her time obsessing over someone she'll probably never see again.

In 1997, Chondra graduated from Easton Universty. Chondra is doing her masters in psychology, as she wants to work with foreign kids to help them adjust to American life.

Claudio and Chondra meet Alex in chapter 3, when he goes to Claudio's record store to search for Mystical Ultima LP Legend. Chondra becomes frustrated at Alex bringing his own obsession, Sammy, onto Claudio, fueling his obsession with missing people.

I.V[edit | edit source]

Not much has been revealed of Chondra's involvement in I.V yet.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Chondra is the only party member with the Wild Card affinity. Her affinity will change throughout the battle, depending on the stance she is currently using. You can also select Chondra's stances multiple times to cycle the affinity to whichever one you'd like at will.

Beatdown[edit | edit source]

PP: 2

A hula hoop spins around with a cursor attached, when the cursor is near a key you can hit the assigned button to gain a hit.

If you input the wrong button, you lose your combo. This is the only way to lose the combo, you are allowed to avoid hitting certain keys if you wish. If you stop hitting keys for a few seconds, the minigame will prematurely end.

Spread Item[edit | edit source]

PP: 0

"Selecting an item gives said item to everyone currently in the party."

Spread Item only uses the item once and not for each party member, meaning you can get a lot more mileage out of your items. This makes Chondra great at keeping the party alive, especially when you can use Smelling Salts to revive your whole party at once.

Chuck Item[edit | edit source]

PP: 10

"Throw an item at an enemy! Who knows what it will do?"

Damage is based on the current level of Chondra and the attributes of the item being thrown. This means that equipment is more preferable to throw as it will deal more damage than a healing item.

Stances[edit | edit source]

Chondra has multiple stances which do not cost a turn when used.

She will start each battle with a "rest stance," which has no unique properties.

Hula Stance[edit | edit source]

Cost: None

"Do light damage with basic attack, without sacrificing HP or PP."

Hula Stance will also change your regular attack to be the beatdown minigame. This means you can use beatdown without using up PP!

This stance provides no additional damage bonus.

Wild Stance[edit | edit source]

"Do moderate damage with basic attack, but at the cost of some PP."

Each regular attack uses 10% PP. Each beatdown will cost 2 PP.

This stance grants a 1.1x damage bonus.

Strong Stance[edit | edit source]

"Do heavy damage with basic attack, but at the cost some HP."

Each regular attack costs 25%. Beatdowns do not cost HP, just the normal 2 PP from using a beatdown.

Strong Stance will also change Chondra's Wild Card affinity to be the Copy Card affinity instead. Instead of cycling an affinity every turn, it will change Chondra's affinity to whatever enemy attacked her last.

This stance grants a 1.3x damage bonus.

Devil Stance[edit | edit source]

Cost: 15% of HP and PP. (This may be incorrect and needs to be double checked!)

"Do heavy damage with basic attack to target, but at the cost of HP, PP and a member of the party."

Despite what the description may imply, Devil Stance will not outright kill a member of the party. It will just deal heavy damage which CAN kill. Keep this in mind when using it!

This stance grants a 1.6x damage bonus.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chondra was the 6th character designed for YIIK.
  • One of Chondra's death lines has her calling out for Bera.
  • Using Strong Stance, you can gain the Unknown affinity. This can provide a tactical advantage as you don't have to worry about attacks being weak to certain enemies.