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Alex Eagleston A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Alex Eggleston entranced in thought, a hand beneath his chin to support his hyperintellect.
Alex Eggleston entranced in thought, a hand beneath his chin to support his hyperintellect.

Classification Graduate
Hipster Scum
Screen Name SNESMAN99
Also Known As Alex Eggleston
Ginger Boy
Alex Yiik (YouTube)
Voiced By Chris Niosi
Age 25
Hair Color Red
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"Someone told a lie and it somehow stuck. I told the truth and it just gets muddied up by that same ancient myth."

Alex Eggleston is the protagonist and narrator of YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG. His story begins on April 4th, 1999, where he comes home from college to a journey of mysterious events.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A typical twenty-something. He's just like you, in an alternate reality.

Alex is a liberal arts graduate who took longer than four years to finish his degree. He's very reluctant to enter "adult life," instead choosing to retreat into any form of escapism. This can be seen with his quest to find Sammy. He has a tendency to view himself as the main character, which manifests itself in selfish and thoughtless acts towards others. As the narrator, he often embellishes the story to appear more reasonable.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Michael[edit | edit source]

It'd be easy to assume that Michael is Alex's "best childhood friend," but Alex seems to have pretty negative thoughts about him. He's often visibly bothered by Michael's jokes, probably because Alex is the punching bag for them. Towards the end of the game, Alex comes to realize some strange details about Michael. Michael apparently left Frankton when he was 12 years old, after he and Alex had a "falling out," further strengthening the fact that their friendship had always been strained. Additionally, in Alex's Mind Dungeon, Michael is characterized as Astronomer Dr. Aryabhata, who brags about their intellect and superiority over Alex.

Bizarrely, Alex seems to get along with Proto-Michael better, often agreeing with his insights.

Vella[edit | edit source]


Rory[edit | edit source]

Alex is resentful towards Rory for leading the party into the sewer. He claims that Rory "acted like this was connected to Sammy", and reprimands him.

Over the course of the story, the player can choose to make Alex apologize and take steps to repair his relationship with Rory. If Rory dies, he regrets not being there for Rory and wishes he could have seen the signs and did something different.

Story[edit | edit source]

Meeting a Mysterious Girl[edit | edit source]

Alex, a recent college graduate, comes home to Frankton. He finds a note from his mother telling him to go find groceries. Instead, Alex chases a cat into a Factory. There he finds his childhood imaginary friend Panda, and a mysterious girl named Sammy. It turns out the cat Alex was chasing is Sammy's pet, named Dali. While riding on an elevator to leave the factory, Sammy gets abducted by beings made of stars. When he returns home, Alex questions if what he saw actually happened. He receives an e-mail from a friend with a link to a post on ONISM1999, showing footage of Sammy on the elevator being kidnapped- but both Alex and Dali aren't there. After that he calls it for the night and gets some rest.

Alex dreams of a bunch of robed figures surrounding an android. He's woken up by Panda, who is frustrated that Alex didn't chase after Sammy, and wants him to go and find her. Alex goes to reinvestigate the Factory Hotel, but first finds a childhood friend, Michael. They discuss the footage of the "elevator girl." They both agree to investigate the Factory, since Alex claims the elevator footage is from there. Once they arrive, they are greeted by an entity. They manage to snap a few pictures before escaping near-death.

A Chance Traveller[edit | edit source]

Alex and Michael realize the photos they took were distorted by the entities, and they now understand they're dealing with something otherworldly. They post the photos on ONISM. Two weeks after the post, WindWay87 posts "MYSTERIOUS GIRL WITH MIND POWERS", showing a mysterious girl that they both recognize from the arcade. The duo heads there to ask some questions. After a (violent) misunderstanding, they learn her name, Vella, and she gets interested in the online detective work they are doing.

Alex gets a PM from someone, saying their sister vanished in a similar way to the Elevator Girl.

"Hey man, I saw your post about the Elevator Girl and the factory she went missing in.
My sister vanished a few weeks ago, and there was some screwed up things with her disappearance too.
If you're interested in checking out where she was last seen, you should come to Wind Town.
It's east of the Factory the Elevator Girl was last seen in.

They call Vella up and head to Wind Town to investigate. There they meet Rory Mancer. He gets the trio to follow them to a sewer to find his sister. There they encounter a soul survivor. Rory believes its his sister, but Vella convinces them that its his "soul survivor," a result of him entering the soul space. Rory explains that his sister didn't "disappear," but that she committed suicide. Alex, during this conversation, quite frankly doesn't really give a shit. Out of nowhere, a Golden Alpaca appears and attempts to kill Alex, but fails. He then kills Rory's soul survivor instead, and challenges the party in a battle. He fails and the party escapes to the surface.

Alex is infuriated that Rory lied about the situation concerning Sammy, but Vella and Michael are bewildered to how cruel he's acting. Rory runs off, and Alex's friends hate him.

Quest for the Mystical Ultima LP Legend[edit | edit source]

Alex tries to find a record called the Mystical Ultima LP Legend.

The Y2K Problem[edit | edit source]

The party heads to the Radio Tower to broadcast the Mystical Ultima LP Legend, and the music grabs the attention of the android Alex has been dreaming about. Both Alex and Vella enter an "epileptic fit" where they witness the android waking up from her bed and killing entities. After this, Alex becomes determined to try and save the android, though Vella thinks its pretty clear she can fend for herself.

After getting a lead from Rory, Alex gets Claudio to drive them around New Jersey to find the van which will hopefully have the android. They arrive at the Twin Pines Mall and find the van they've been looking for, but first have to deal with Mall Rats who claim they were working with the entities and driving the van around. After opening the van, Alex gets transported by the android, who reveals themselves to be called The Essentia 2000.

Alex goes through Essentia's Mind Dungeon. He realizes his greatest flaw- destruction.

Alex prepares the rest of the group to stop himself from destroying reality. He decides it's connected to the Y2K dilemma. They fight Proto Comet and fail.

Ending 1[edit | edit source]

Reality is destroyed, and Alex enters the Soul Space. He gets the player and their friends to join him to defeat Proto-Alex.

Combat[edit | edit source]

LP Toss[edit | edit source]

"3x Attack, hitting each Karta row."

PP: 5

Cast Time: 198

Recovery Time: 600

Panda Barrier[edit | edit source]

"Protect the party from attacks."

PP: 10

Cast Time: 440

Recovery Time: 100

Cat Burgle[edit | edit source]

"Steal an item from the enemy."

PP: 1

Cast Time: 5

Recovery Time: 580

Feedback[edit | edit source]

"0.75x damage to enemy party."

PP: 6

Cast Time: ???

Recovery Time: ???

Hair Whip[edit | edit source]

"The lower your Life, the higher the damage."

PP: 5

Cast Time: ???

Recovery Time: ???

Selfish Love[edit | edit source]

"Take Karta from a party member"

PP: 1

Cast Time: ???

Recovery Time: ???

Skate Away[edit | edit source]

"Skate away from the fight. No EXP (gained.)"

PP: 0

Cast Time: ???

Recovery Time: ???

LP Toss II[edit | edit source]

"Target the enemy party, damaging all Karta"

PP: 8

Cast Time: ???

Recovery Time: ???

Flame Thrower[edit | edit source]

"Deal fire damage over time."

PP: 3

Cast Time: ???

Recovery Time: ???

Monster Whistle[edit | edit source]


PP: 2

Cast Time: ???

Recovery Time: ???

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Alex moved from Frankton to Jetset City for college.
  • There are a few times in the game Alex claims to have an older sister, including the ONISM post CHildhood stuffed animal? ONISM Logo.
    • If the player goes to Easton University while searching for the van, he reveals that his sister's name is "Alison".
  • Early in development, Alex wore a blue flannel.
  • Alex is a playable character in platform fighter Cross Impact.
  • The cancelled platform fighter Indie Rumble was going to have Alex in its roster of indie game characters.
  • Alex edited a video for the Alex Yiik YouTube channel.
  • For a 2016 PlayStation demo, Alex's ONISM username was PSXMAN99.