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Vella Wilde A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Vella in your reality!

Classification Heartbreaker
Musical Prodigy
Screen Name N/A
Also Known As Chance Traveler
Change Girl
Mysterious Vella
Escalator Girl
Voiced By Melanie Ehrlich
Age 28
Hair Color Navy Blue
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"But yes, keep chasing the missing girl who entered the Soul Space."

The "Interdimensional Girl" Vella Wilde is a main character in YIIK and Deviation Perspective I. She's a talented musician and familiar with the Soul Space.

Personality[edit | edit source]


Relationships[edit | edit source]

Alex[edit | edit source]


Rory[edit | edit source]

Vella seems to care a lot about Rory. When Rory says he feels his sister's presence, Vella already seems to have a grasp of what he's talking about. When face to face with Rory's Soul Survivor, Vella tries to give words of comfort to him.

Producer[edit | edit source]


The Essentia 2000[edit | edit source]


William[edit | edit source]


Story[edit | edit source]

YIIK[edit | edit source]

Vella was considered a child prodigy due to her music composition skills. When she grew up, her music remained "childlike," disappointing the people who believed she would be greater. Despite this, Vella still enjoyed playing music. On May 22nd, 1996, she went to a music club and met someone who would become both their music and romantic partner. They both wrote A Distant Voice together. A year later, on May 22nd, 1997, his daughter saw them together. He walked his daughter to a coffee shop, only to not return. Vella called his manager, friends, and others but they all hadn't seen him anywhere. Another year passes, and on May 22nd, 1998, Vella was pressured to do a year long tour for A Distant Voice. While playing the piano, she saw him with a girl, who looked about his daughter's age. Vella refused to believe this was the same person she had dated, and grew into an immense depression. It was then her soul separated from her physical body, and she entered the Soul Space, hoping to find a reality with the "him" she knew.

Alex first sees her when he and Michael make a quick stop by the Frankton Arcade on their way to the Factory Hotel, working as a "Change Girl". Later, pictures of her show up on an ONISM post MYSTERIOUS GIRL WITH MIND POWERS ONISM Logo. When approached about her appearance in the post, she mistakenly believes Alex and Michael to be creeping on her and attacks them. After this encounter they explain themselves and ask Vella about the post. Here, Vella reveals to them that she is from a different reality than the one she is currently in. When pressured for more details on this, Vella tells them that it's personal and doesn't elaborate.

Mind Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Vella's Mind Dungeon

In Vella's previous reality, she created an album called the Mystical Ultima LP Legend. Alex, after gaining her trust, enters her Mind Dungeon to look for it. There, Alex finds five different Vella's from different points of her life.

Vella's Reality[edit | edit source]

In her reality, Vella explains that it's similar but has a few odd changes, "Things are mostly the same. We had more cows though. Lots of cows. And the music? Different. Your "Metal" is our "Pop." Isn't that weird?" In her reality, you're able to call the dead, using special phones.

Deviation Perspective I[edit | edit source]

Wrong Soul Requiem[edit | edit source]

William's Story about dating Vella

MFAR[edit | edit source]

Vella's Story about writing her record "She pauses and consideres how to go on. With less confidence, she contin- ues, “When class was over, all of us had done pretty poor, but pretty peaceful paintings. But one kid could really paint. And he created a picture I'll never forget. He called it ‘Sacred Blood.’ ...I can't describe it as I'm bad at abstract paintings... But... I knew the sun would pick his portrait for the end times scenario...

Disappearance[edit | edit source]

Video footage gets released of Vella grabbing her recordings for an upcoming album and getting onto an escalator. After that, she was never seen again. Many people began to speculate about her disappearance, dubbing her the "Escalator Girl".

I.V[edit | edit source]

Not much has been revealed of Vella's involvement in I.V yet.

Combat[edit | edit source]


Beat Down[edit | edit source]

PP: 2

Hold down until the light turns green, then release.

Healing Song[edit | edit source]

PP: 4

Obtained on Level 9

Recover up to 100 percent of HP. Overflow is converted to PP.

Feedback[edit | edit source]

PP: 12

Obtained on Level 11

Generate feedback using amplifier. Causes damage to everyone!

Banish[edit | edit source]

PP: 1

Banish a Soul Survivor from the battle to a random floor of the Mind Dungeon!

Bass Drop[edit | edit source]

PP: 15

Obtained on Level 15

Slam bass amp down upon an enemy!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A character cosplays as Vella in Va-11 Hall-a.
  • For the old combat, Vella was originally going to be able to use Smooth Jazz.
  • According to Andrew Allanson on Discord, Vella is Venezuelan and Vietnamese.