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This article contains highly speculative information. Tread lightly!

YIIK2, also known as ONISM1969,[1] is a cancelled sequel to YIIK. Inspired by Wild Arms, it would follow four different scenarios which could be done in any order.[2] The different scenarios would all take place at different points in time. Using some form of ONISM, the different characters would be able to speak with each other, despite being from different times. They would eventually meet up at the end of each chapter.[3]

The game would be a turn-based RPG, but was "an entirely different system" compared to YIIK. "Each character would have a different tool and switching protagonists was as simple as the tool system in YIIK."[4]

After a musician (based on John Lennon) gets stuck in the Soul Space, he decides to send music towards different realities in a call for help. Someone hears the music and it inspires them to start a cult to make people enter the soul space en masse. You would be able to play as the cult leader in a story segment.[5]

In 1969, an ethologist character from the University of Oxford would have to re-evaluate their scientific world view due to the now realized existence of souls and the Soul Space.[6] He posts notes to a bulletin board, which acts as his ONISM.[7] He was inspired by Richard Dawkins.[8]

Emilia, a woman with a beautiful face, goes on ONISM to buy acid to disfigure her face with.

Aaron, Claudio's brother, was also going to be a protagonist, but very little is known about his involvement.

Alex played some role in the story, but to what extent is unknown.

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  • ONISM1969 was initially leaked as "ONISM Rising", the name possibly being a reference to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
    • Other claims said that it had a fully rotatable camera and a day and night system.
  • A music track was created for the prototype of the game.
  • The pre-production work was mostly finished for the game.

References[edit | edit source]

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