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Record Stop is a record store franchise owned by Claudio. After his grandfather's passing, Claudio used the inheritance money he had for a business loan. He opened the first one "nine years ago," when he was only 19 years old. They have locations all over New Jersey, such as Frankton, Wind Town, and the flagship store in Flag Town.

While their speciality is selling records, they also sell a few keytars for Vella to use, implying they have other instruments to sell.

Alex in Chapter III visits a few of the locations in hopes of finding the Mystical Ultima LP Legend, but is disappointed that even the biggest store doesn't carry it (because it hasn't even released yet).

Shop Selection[edit | edit source]

Name Price Chapter Character
He Wants it That Way (Single) $49.99 1 Alex
Sergeant Salty EP $74.99 1 Alex
Strolling Bonez LP $124.99 2 Alex
AC & K-x2's Greatest Hits LP $249.99 3 Alex
Now That's What I Call Music LP $249.99 3 Alex
u87 Keytar $99.99 2 Vella
Double Necked Keytar $259.99 3 Vella
Mog Liberation $370.99 4 Vella

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