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Screen Name Unknown
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Hair Color Brown
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"A VHS can’t be turned over. Although I have tried many times, hoping an alternative ending lay on the flip side. Real life doesn’t usually have a side B, and films are reality."

William is a main character in Deviation Perspective I. He is a big fan of Kisage X movies and loves to give trivia about them, even if some people don't care.

Story[edit | edit source]

Deviation Perspective I[edit | edit source]

William and Vella met on an "unusual internet forum."

William hung out at Vella Wilde's place and showed her Electric City Golgotha, a movie from Japanese director Kisage X. This is apparently William's first date with Vella, although she seems to be completely disinterested in both him and the movie. She receives a call from someone and heads outside for an extended period of time. William overhears her flirting with them. They make eye contact through the window, and when Vella comes back inside, William finds it difficult to say anything. Vella then specifically asks him to continue, which he does. Vella seemingly shows more interest in what William has to say this time, giving exaggerated responses to things happening in the movie.

After two weeks of Vella going out with William, she discusses a concept album she's writing called Deviation Perspective. William compares it to Electric City Golgotha, which confuses Vella because she doesn't recall ever seeing it, nor going on a movie-date with him.

When Vella disappears on an escalator, William expresses how he knew the girl, yet he can't seem to recall her name. He notes that the woman in Electric City Golgotha looks a lot like her, and decides to contact Kisage X in hopes of meeting her.

Trivia[edit | edit source]