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ONISM1999 (sometimes with a space between) is a forum focused on conspiracies, the supernatural, and urban exploration. It was founded by ChronoCrossed and co-founded by VERAformer. Ever since the Elevator Girl video was posted, many users began obsessing over it. Michael described it as "...like a sort of darkness had come over the website."

Story[edit | edit source]

On Christmas of 1998, Michael got his own computer. He later met a friend on the internet, presumably ChronoCrossed, and together they founded ONISM 1999.

On April 4th, 1999, elevator footage of a KNN intern named Semi Pak being taken away by otherworldly beings is posted on the forum. The users became obsessed with her, dubbing her as the "Elevator Girl", or EG for short.

Alex and Michael go to the Factory Hotel for pictures of the elevator that Semi was last seen in, and encounter the entities. They manage to take pictures and post them on ONISM.

novelgranola speculates in the thread Consciousness is omnipresent ONISM Logo that everyone on ONISM is one person talking to themselves, but from different realities. This concept is later reiterated by Proto-Michael, who reveals that he made ONISM with a parallel version of himself from another reality.

ONISM Demon Auction[edit | edit source]

Available for 90 minutes each night, users (represented as Jesters) are allowed to bid whatever they wish to gain something. In Deviation Perspective I, the lot was a date with a woman from another reality. Before entering the auction, users must provide a "...nude self-portrait, a social security number, and the contents of their primary checking account."

Michael seems to be looking for a "LOST LOVE" in I.V with the Demon Auction.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Some letters on the forums (like the O's) are blurry compared to others. Some fans have referred to this as "The ONISM Blur".
  • An e-mail from missingpersons@ackkstudios.com mentions there being a Cypher hidden on ONISM.
  • Some posts can share the same URL number.
  • In YIIK2, an ONISM "Bulletin Board" existed in 1969. Posts there would be sent to other versions of ONISM in different time periods.