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A Distant Voice/Chance Traveler, is a song created by Vella Wilde and her ex-boyfriend. In our reality, it was composed by Andrew Allanson, produced by Calum Bowen. Mika Maruyama wrote the lyrics and also provided the vocal performance.

Story[edit | edit source]

After the disappearance of her romantic partner, Vella refused to play live or release the song publicly. Due to legal pressure, Vella had to schedule a release of the song on May 22nd, 1998, plus a year-long tour promoting it.

Alex interestingly asks Vella if the male voice in the song was supposed to be her ex-boyfriend, to which Vella says that she didn't recognize the voice. Of course, the song we hear doesn't seem to have male vocals, implying the song the characters heard was different.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese[edit | edit source]


English[edit | edit source]

When I close my eyes, words are not needed
I resonate with you
A light shines on this dull world
Please let my everlasting love shine on me
Until the last day
I can't be strong enough to go back to the night without you
Slumbering peacefully
Let me stay like this