Deviation Perspective I

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Deviation Perspective I - Wrong Soul Requiem is a short story written by Andrew Allanson and illustrated by Brian Allanson. It is included in PDF format with the YIIK: Deviation Perspective I album, or for physical purchase in the Ackk Shop. It was also read by Chris Niosi in a livestream.

The story focuses on various characters from the world of YIIK.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

ONISM[edit | edit source]

The ONISM: Demon Auction is an auction service available each night. Users are allowed to use anything they own to bid. The bidders are represented as Jesters, while the auctioneers are represented by King and Queen sprites.

The lot for the day was a date with a woman with another reality, Vella Wilde. Users start to bid, some offering things like their mother's life savings, video game collections, and naming rights for their child. A user named WilHeHehe offers the souls of those who participated in the auction. His offer ends up winning, and he passes the lot to his son for this birthday.

Wrong Soul Requiem[edit | edit source]

Kisage X, a famous director, is working on a film titled Electric City Golgotha: Crufusion. The leading lady is a "chance traveller." For this film they act as a villain, but later in the series will be a love interest.

Its main character is Arcangelo Alpaca, an interdimensional demi-god.

William[edit | edit source]

A man named William brings over a woman named Vella Wilde for a first date. William, being a fan of Kisage X's movies, shows his date a VHS of Music From Another Reality: Electric City Strikers. In the movie, Arcangelo attempts to fix a broken reality but fails. While in the middle of explaining the deeper story of Kisage X's works, Vella gets a call from someone, who she speculates is her producer. She asks William to go outside while she talks. William thinks that he's making a good connection with her, but overhears what might've been Vella flirting with whoever it was on the phone. After waiting a long time, William enters back in and continues explaining the lore of the films.