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Ending 3 is a secret ending of YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG. It has never been found, at least legitimately. Little information is known about it, and as such discussions around it are highly speculative. It was initially confirmed to exist on Feb. 9th, 2019, with a tweet stating, "yes. in fact there is a whole ending no one has found!" A few days later, more information was revealed, stating that it was not in the KNN building, and that it involved the tower.[1]

The Ultima Ending and the Old Frankton Ending are commonly thought to be the 3rd ending, or are at least related to it.

missingpersons@ackkstudios.com[edit | edit source]

The first person to send Alex the elevator footage of Sammy is someone who uses the address missingpersons@ackkstudios.com. This is an actual e-mail address you can contact, and for an unknown period of time, you could get responses. There's a few recorded responses from this e-mail.

  • Sept. 9, 2020 - "Did this message find you? They're sent at random intervals. The ONISM Cypher doesn't work every day. Seek him for what you desire."
  • Sept. 10, 2020 - "Seek the ONISM Cypher if it exists in your reality. If it does not, find a way to escape your reality with your body and soul intact."
  • Nov. 16, 2020 - "Tell me what you truly seek, Paralleled One. be honest, be direct."
  • Nov. 20, 2020 - "Don't you see it was already broken when you sent this email? Don't you see it was already broken when you bought the game? ... or stole it."
  • Nov. 23, 2020 - "Have you considered the nature of time and when ONISM is written?"

Ultima Ending[edit | edit source]

"I wonder what I was like in this parallel life..."

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The Ultima Ending has existed in the game's files since release.[Citation Needed] It's implied this would take place in late chapter 6, as the player is directly mentioned as a character. It appears to be a continuation of the events in the Tutorial Dungeon.

Alex discovers two dead parallel versions of himself, the Essentia 2000, and a being known as Proto Ultima Alex. Alex speculates that this was Essentia's grand plan all along- to get Alexes from other realities to defeat Proto Ultima Alex. The Essentia 2000 reveals herself to actually be the Essentia 9802, and says they haven't entered the player's reality yet as they "...do not yet face the choice of what direction your life would take." She remarks about how Alex got to do that first with the player. (Possibly a reference to Alex recruiting the player to join him to defeat Proto-Alex).

After the battle against Proto Ultima Alex, Essentia and Alex float in the clouds. Alex says he wants to enter a reality which doesn't have a parallel version of him, so he can live with his friends again, and try to help people, like how the Essentia helped him. He then thanks the player for being the true guiding light on his quest.

This ending was created around the range of February 21st, 2016 and April 27th, 2016.[2]

Chad[edit | edit source]

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Chad, also known as Dick or Dax, is a hint system added to help with the ending.[Citation Needed] His likeness was based off of Dick Masterson. There are different locations for each platform.[Citation Needed] One notable encounter has Chad mentioning a yellow pill, which he says that you need to bring to him for "keys to the tower." Interestingly, this yellow pill item doesn't seem to exist as an item in the game's files, and may refer to something else entirely.

Old Frankton Ending[edit | edit source]

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The Old Frankton Ending added in the 1.25 update for PC.[Citation Needed] It could've been added in an earlier version for Switch or PS4, but that is currently unknown.

In it, Alex travels through the Tutorial Dungeon and gets warped to Old Frankton after stepping on a magic carpet. He wanders and finds The Essentia 2000 and Wilfrid exploring the area as well. Along the way they converse with each other and give a bit more context as to what is happening. Essentia says that they "...find what we came her for, and get out quick." And eventually they find something and realize they are able to "understand the plan." Wilfrid is worried that what they're trying to do may blow up in their face, and warns the Essentia that "...the division may exist for a reason." Wilfrid also says that they're mixing realities and is concerned because he isn't sure what the results of that would be. They both leave for The Throne Room but accidentally leave a teleporter behind which Alex can enter.

Alex challenges them, mentioning that he's been here before, and attacking them for destroying his reality and killing his mother and friends in the process. Essentia makes a comment about her plan coming to fruition, implying they are from the past. Alex even states that he has travelled through many realities, and through time to stop them once and for all.

After defeating them, Alex explains to the party what exactly happened. He says that reality after reality, he has been manipulated by The Essentia, who has been trying to make Alexes not live productive lives so The Essentia can be the last one standing. Alex vaguely hints at what happened in Ending 1, where everything was destroyed on the turn of the new millenium. But, somehow, The Player was able to find a way to turn everything back before the main story happened, and in Alex's words, back in "The Beta Era."

With The Essentia and Wilfrid defeated, Alex declares that everyone is now free from their tyranny. Claudio and Chondra return to their original reality and reunite with Aaron. The rest return to Alex's reality, shortly before the adventure began. Alex decides to go grocery shopping for his mom and cleans the house, with help from Michael, Vella, and Rory. He congratulates the player for being the "true guiding light," instead of the Essentia.

The YouTube Video[edit | edit source]

A small channel named MasterShielder73 Robles, uploaded a video titled "Third Ending Revealed! Steph Plays: YIIK: A Post-modern RPG", uploaded on 8/19/19, a day after the account itself was created. Notably the files for this ending did not seem to exist at the time, and was actually the first time this ending was seen.

The weeks following, two other videos were uploaded on the channel, showing gameplay of Hotline Miami. There are potential narrative similarities between the two games. Both have the protagonists receive strange phone calls throughout the story, and have their reality "broken" in some way. A character in the beginning of the game asks "Does April the 3rd mean anything to you," a date close to the start of YIIK, April 4th. Hotline Miami also has a secret ending, where the player must collect hidden letters to spell out a phrase, and meet with characters representative of the developers of the game to get answers to big questions about the game's story. This end result is somewhat seen in the Unseen32 ONISM post where Brian Allanson talks directly to Alex.

The description for the video is in Spanish. Translated to English using DeepL reads:

There is a special message from
developer who appears before the third ending begins.
I removed it as requested by the developer.

Several oddities exist in the video. The version of the game at the time was 1.07, yet the video says 1.02. The game is also being played on PC, yet the first version that came out for the PC was 1.03. The previous PC versions were a pre-release only meant for a select few people.[Citation Needed]

The save data is illogical with how the game normally works. On normal circumstances, all names are supposed to be red, but some of the names are white. A timecode reads "035:23:37". The file they use, Link, has an abnormal amount of time played of 95 hours. While not impossible, this amount of time is not normally needed to complete the game.

While the video starts at night, as soon as they exit Alex's house the screen shows it has turned to daytime for about a second. When exploring Old Frankton it is also at daytime. The sea normally has two textures flashing, but in the video it doesn't flash at all.

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