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Also Known As Dick, Dax
Voiced By N/A
Age N/A
Hair Color Black

This article contains highly speculative information. Tread lightly!

"Come find me when the world ends, I'll hook you up with something important."

Chad, also known as Dick or Dax, is a secret NPC in YIIK. He is based off of internet comedian Dick Masterson. He works as a hint system for Ending 3,[1] and was added in the third revision of the 1.06 update.[Citation Needed] He appears at specific locations with specific conditions, and on specific consoles.[2] It's unknown how many of these locations exist in total.

Supposedly, you must give the aviators to him in Chapter 4 to receive a red pill.[3]

Locations[edit | edit source]

South Town[edit | edit source]

On PC and PS4, there is a 5% chance there will be a prompt in the very top right of the map (east of the drinking fountain). If you don't get it, head back to the Overworld and re-enter and try again. Picking the item up will give you "Aviators?" This item will not appear in your inventory and is seemingly(?) not used for anything else. Dax will appear in the middle of the street and give you some dialogue.

Oh man, you can see me ?
I guess you must be a pretty cool guy then.
Hey listen, come find me in a place a little less public. But I gotta warn you, I usually only talk to chicks. Princesses, especially. So, maybe you could do something about your name of yours, at least.
Come find me when the world ends, I'll hook you up with something important.

Fire Escape[edit | edit source]

This location has a few requirements before you should go searching for it. It seems to only be found in the PC version.

  • You must be on New Game+
  • You must be named "Zelda"
  • You must have "Aviators" in your inventory (not to be confused with South Town's "Aviators?")

While the first two requirements are easy to obtain, the aviators are not. There is currently no known way to obtain this item.

If these requirements are fulfilled, you can go into the Factory Hotel a bit later into the playthrough. A staircase will be there, which you can enter to go into Sammy's room. From there, exit out the window and you'll be in the Fire Escape area. However, before we can reach Dax, we must exit through another one of the windows to go back in the Factory Hotel Dungeon. There will be three windows, choose the middle one. Eventually you'll find your way to where the drinking fountain would be- well, that is if you haven't met all the requirements listed earlier. If you do meet these requirements, Chad will replace the drinking fountain.

So, you found me, huh? I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed.
So, you'll be looking to get into the tower, right? Well, you're on the right path. I can give you the key, but first you must find me something.
I'm looking for a pill. Specifically, a yellow pill. Bring it to me, and I'll give you the keys to the tower.
Go fuck yourself.

Other Dax Locations[edit | edit source]

It has been implied that there are other locations at Flag Town for PS4[4], and Mt. Town for Switch.[5] Although this may not refer to Dax, just the 3rd ending route in general.

It has also been said that you can find Chad around the time you go to the mall.[6]

Datamining the Switch version of the game shows that there is some form of Dax location at KNN, where you can gain the Red Pill immediately when you enter with the right save data.[Citation Needed]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On the Dick Show podcast, it was revealed that Andrew wanted Dick Masterson to voice for the game, likely as this character.
  • Their red and white striped shirt is reminiscent of Waldo from Where's Waldo, fitting for their role as an NPC that's hard to find.
  • Chad is the only character in the game to have their name in the dialogue box colored white, rather than green.
  • His aviators are likely a reference to Dick Masterson's appearance on Dr. Phil, where he was wearing a pair.

References[edit | edit source]