Brian Allanson

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Brian Allanson is the founder of AckkStudios. He works as the director, lead programmer, and lead artist. He has been making games with his brother Andrew Allanson since he was around 8-9 years old.[1]

Story[edit | edit source]

Throughout the events of YIIK, Brian sends e-mails to Alex that only contains the word "spam." Eventually, in Ending 2, Brian makes a post (with screenname BPA) on ONISM to talk to Alex directly titled Unseen32 and Better Endings. ONISM Logo He tells Alex about how he had wanted to give him a happier ending to the game, but that an unknown third party prevented him from doing so. He tells Alex that there may be some way to access such an ending, but he's unsure as to exactly how. He warns Alex of the danger of following The Essentia 2000 and encourages instead to go and find Sammy.

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