Handsome Krow

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Handsome Krow

Voiced By Matt Shipman
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
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Handsome Krow is a character in YIIK I.V. Not much is known about them. They bare a resemblance to Wilfrid. They seem to be cosplaying the Krow in appearance.

Handsome Krow uses a boomerang as a weapon.

They fight Wilhelm alongside Alex and Sammy.

Story[edit | edit source]


Combat[edit | edit source]

Mend Karta[edit | edit source]

(+2 HP) Heal all Karta of all allies

PP: 8

Cast Time: 200

Recovery Time: 900

Cut Deck[edit | edit source]

Deal small damage to all Karta of target.

PP: 4

Cast Time: 400

Recovery Time: 400

Throw Stick[edit | edit source]

Do 1.62x damage to enemy party upon stick returning.

PP: 2

Cast Time: 900

Recovery Time: 900

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In early I.V previews, Mend Karta would heal Karta of a single ally rather than everyone.
  • In early I.V previews, Cut Deck costed 2 PP instead of 4.