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A battle in the Factory Hotel.
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"It’s the Dark Game. The mother of your dreams, and the father of your failures."

The Dark Game serves as the battle system for YIIK I.V.

Jocasta teaches Alex how to play the Dark Game while he chases Dali in the Windmill Trails.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

In the Dark Game, every character possesses a set of skills that require PP (Power Points) to use. PP is a shared resource among the entire party. Each skill has its own unique "cast time," determining the duration required to execute the skill. Additionally, skills have a "recovery time," dictating how long it takes for the character to perform another action after using the skill. Typically, more powerful skills entail longer cast and recovery times.

Karta[edit | edit source]

The main mechanic of the Dark Game are Karta, mysterious artifacts which grant powers. Each character can equip up to three Karta in the desired slot, boosting stats and providing unique passive abilities. During battle, players can sacrifice Karta for a special Field Ability, losing the passive ability for the rest of the battle. After the end of each battle, Karta are automatically replenished.

Karta also serve as shields for the character's LIFE. Each Karta has its own health; when depleted, it is destroyed. If all Karta are destroyed, the character enters a bleed state upon taking damage (signified by a vampire). Once bleeding, they will rapidly lose LIFE. Bleeding can be stopped using items such as Bandages or Gauze Bandages. If a slot is open, these items will also give a Bandage Karta without any skills, as an extra layer of protection. Additionally, piercing attacks can bypass Karta and directly damage HP.

The Timeline[edit | edit source]

The Timeline is the visual representation of turn order for both characters and enemies.

When the Dark Game begins, each actor will start in the WAIT zone of the timeline. When an actor reaches the middle zone, they must select a command. The actor will then proceed to the ACT zone. When an actor reaches the end zone, the selected action is performed. Then they return to the wait zone. Notably, each action within the game has its own distinct WAIT and ACT speed.

Story[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name ‘Dark Game’ may be a corruption of ‘Card Game’.