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Xenanu A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Also Known As Chibi Xenanu
Age Unknown
Hair Color Red
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Xenanu is a character in YIIK I.V with an extremely similar appearance to Proto Ultima Alex, potentially being the same character. His red hair and light skin contrasts Proto Ultima Alex's sickly green hair and pale skin, implying Xenanu is a "younger" form of him.

He appears as "Chibi Xenanu" in the tutorial for the Dark Game. He's designed to be a difficult challenge. Upon defeat, Alex receives The Silver Spoon Karta. He is able to summon two Smiles to assist him in battle.

Battle Strategy[edit | edit source]

Defeating Chibi Xenanu relies heavily on the bandages found in Alex's home. Without them your chances to win the battle are minimal. Gauze Bandages will fill your Karta with 3 bandages, which will allow you to tank a lot of damage.

Your first priority in the battle is to get Chibi Xenanu bleeding. A good way to do this is to attack and get rid of their first Karta, and use LP Toss to take out their remaining two and get them bleeding. Start using your Gauze Bandages now and try to wait it out. If they manage to miss or if you're feeling confident, attack again to lower their LIFE even further.

Chibi Xenanu can summon Smiles, and these can easily mess up your attempt. If you're able to, attack one to take it out, but don't kill the other one and use bandages to tank more damage. As long as one Smile remains, Chibi Xenanu will not try to summon enemies again. This should reduce the overall damage received. Eventually, Chibi Xenanu will bleed out and you can kill the last Smile and win the battle- your reward being a new Karta known as The Silver Spoon.

Stats[edit | edit source]

LIF: 12 (???)
STR: 7
SPD: 100 (???)
LUK: 25
PRC: 3
AGL: 7 (5 + 2)