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Xenanu A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Also Known As Chibi Xenanu
Age Unknown
Hair Color Red
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Xenanu is a character in YIIK I.V with an extremely similar appearance to Proto Ultima Alex, potentially being the same character. His red hair and light skin contrasts Proto Ultima Alex's sickly green hair and pale skin, implying Xenanu is a younger form of him.

He appears as "Chibi Xenanu" in the tutorial for the Dark Game. He's designed to be a difficult challenge. Upon defeat, he gives some kind of reward, but it's currently unknown what it is. He is able to summon two Smiles to assist him in battle.

Stats[edit | edit source]

LIF: ???
STR: ???
SPD: ???
LUK: ???
PRC: ???
AGL: ???