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MFAR SoulMate(SoulTraveler) is a preview track for YIIK I.V. In Deviation Perspective I, it plays during a scene where Arcangelo kills Kisage X.

The music, production, and keyboards were by Andrew Allanson, vocals by Sapphire, a string Section played by Ben Karas, and percussion played by Cindy Yin.

On the track's page on BandCamp, you would find a description detailing a scene in YIIK I.V, featuring characters like Cyrille, Michelle, and Olexa.

Hidden Description[edit | edit source]

YIIK 1.5 Scene 5
INTERIOR Michelle's home.
Michelle's is a single room with a single game console on the floor. The lights are off, and the room is lit by natural lighting coming in through the window illuminating the console and two women sitting on the play.

The woman on the left looks over her shoulder at Cyrille who has just walked through the door.


Cyrille! I hardly recognized you…you changed your hair!

Cyrille... Cyrille? OH YEAH! I remember you. You were the girl who forgot ALL about us when she told a biiiiiiig secret. Now you’re back, and you probably want some HUGE favor!

Be nice, BRAT! we talked about this.
People don’t like you when you say stuff like that.

Lighten up! It’s just a little joke.

No, I deserved that. Olexa is right.
I’ve been a bad friend, and I do want something.
The truth is my business boomed and I have eight secrets to hear today.
I don’t have any Oaths saved up, so I’ll need to farm eight of them in order to hear all the secrets.

Ha! I’m always right.

Don’t you start! I mean it.
Yeah, I’d love to come. It’d be good to catch up.

You’re so helpful! I mean it. I couldn’t do it alone

Why not get the OTHER you? The one also running around hearing secrets.

(Sudden shift in lighting. The room becomes sinister and dark.)
Michelle (Booming Distorted Telephone voice)
Who is like Cyrille?
"There is none as famous and powerful as Cyrille!”

H-h-hey! Cut that out. You know that scares me. I mean it.

Just ‘cause you know it’s TRUE... If you don’t want me spitting truth, then you need to stop being such a brat.

Cyrille (Interjecting)
What…? R-really? What do you mean there is another person hearing secrets?

Sure am!

What’s their name?

I’ll tell ya! But...
Judging by your reaction I know this name is important to you... so I'm going to get market value.