Boombox Specter

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Boombox Specter

Also Known As Liana
Voiced By N/A
Age 22[1]
Hair Color Dark Blue
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"♪He was supposed to be my ♪wonderwall.♪"

The Boombox Specter is a ghost that haunts a cave at Mt. Town. She possesses a mixtape, which she originally intended to give to her crush Shane G. Irving before she died. Alex can take the mixtape and give it to either Shane G. Irving to haunt him forever, or her brother at Easton University.

On ONISM, HartStran speculates the ghost to be his sister. ONISM Logo He explains that she died in 1995 after a tragic accident, where she got ran over while trying to get Shane G. Irving's attention.

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  • AckkStudios has interestingly described Liana as a "female(?)".[1]
  • While HartStran claims she died in '95, AckkStudios' twitter states she died in '98.[1]
  • Her face is similar to Wendy.
  • This character was originally part of the Episode Prime demo scenario.
  • In the Episode Prime demo, Liana has a unique text sound when her dialogue is said which isn't present in the final game.
    • This may imply that in that time of development, there were plans to give more characters unique text sounds instead of just the default.

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