South Town

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South Town is a relatively unimportant town in YIIK. It serves as a "tutorial town" as the townspeople give advice about the game's mechanics, like Monster Dens and Equipment.

A notable sidequest, Mysterious Haunting in Southern Cave? ONISM Logo, happens here. If Alex chooses to give the tape to Shane G. Irving, the ghost of Liana will haunt him.

You are able to use the Monster Flute to uncover a Mimic.

A hidden NPC known as Chad appears in South Town. On the top right of the map, there is a 5% chance to get a prompt for "Aviators?" Once grabbed, he will appear in the middle of the street.

Residents[edit | edit source]

  • Shane G. Irving
  • Neighborly Guy
  • Respectable Elder
  • James
  • Sarah
  • Monster Hunter Maeby
  • Brawny Bradley

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is not required to visit South Town to finish the game.
  • The font for the town's logo is called Nueva.
  • Monster Hunter Maeby's dialogue will change on Chapter 3 to hint towards the location of the Monster Whistle.