Wannabe Cop

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Wannabe Cop A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Also Known As Wanna-Be-Cop
Age Unknown
Hair Color Blonde

Wannabe Cop is a mini-boss encountered in Wind Town. Since he's a "Wannabe Cop," he seems to have some sense of justice. Though it seems as if he's copying what cops do too much and opens fire on the party for no reason. When asked about the "missing girl" in Wind Town, he refers to them as the "strange girl that hung around the graveyard" and remarks that he wasn't allowed to talk to her. He admits he isn't well educated as well, as he can't remember the difference between East and West.

Wannabe Cop and Future Robber share the same model.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Gambit[edit | edit source]

  • Priority 25 - If HP is less than 30%, attack a random hero.
  • Priority 50 - If HP is greater than 80%, attack whole party.
  • Priority 100 - If HP greater than 80% and has been attacked, will attack that actor back in "revenge."
  • Priority 50 - If all other conditions failed, attack a random hero.

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP: 55
PP: 37
STR: 32
DEF: 11
SPD: 100
LUK: 1