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Candy Mancer

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Candy Mancer is Rory's mother. She is heavily implied to be a prostitute, as she gives keys to her home to strangers and is presented as immensely flirtatious. Before this, she worked at Wind Town's 777, but was fired a few weeks before Alex meets Rory for the first time.

Not much is known about her relationship to her family. While she flirts with Alex and Michael when they enter their home, she ignores Rory's plea to leave them alone. On ONISM1999, Rory mentions his dad a few times but never his mother, implying that Candy is neglectful of her son.

In a scene in Alex's Mind Dungeon, a character presenting Alex's Dad talks about leaving Avril for "A youthful dream with nice legs," implying that he had a relationship of sorts with Candy.

Her appearance in the game is of a mannequin leg, which Alex is quick to make a dumb joke about. This moment is likely a representation of how Alex views Candy, filtered by what his father thought about her- "all leg."

Because of her "odd job" it's likely that Candy is a stage name of sorts and not her real name.