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This page is for the 1.25 version of the game.

Stats determine the effectiveness of characters and enemies in battle. Alex's stats can be upgraded in his Mind Dungeon, while the rest of his friends will level up on their own as he descends. Equipment can also affect a character's stats.

HP[edit | edit source]

HP determines the health points of the character. Once it's zero, they can only be revived with certain items. If the battle is won, their HP will restore to 1.

HP can be restored in battle with healing items.

PP[edit | edit source]

PP is used for Skills in battle.

PP can be restored with healing items, usually drinks.

STR[edit | edit source]

STR determines how powerful a character's attacks are.

DEF[edit | edit source]

DEF will have the character take less damage to enemy attacks.

SPD[edit | edit source]

SPD determines which character will go first in a turn.

SPD is given a bonus in the Mind Dungeon, making it easier to level it up.

LUK[edit | edit source]

LUK determines the critical hit rate of the character.

LUK is given a bonus in the Mind Dungeon, making it easier to level it up.

LUK technically has a max limit cap, and once reached the character will always deal critical hits.

Spirit[edit | edit source]

Spirit is not mentioned in the game itself, but can be seen in the game's save data. It's currently unknown what it's for, if anything.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • PP being restored by drinks may be a joke about... I mean, do I even have to explain it? Come on you were 12 once. Figure out the damn trivia point yourself.