OST: For An Imaginary Game

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From left to right: DJ, ONISM1999, VERRAFormer, and SNESGAMER5.
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OST: For An Imaginary Game is an unreleased side story that takes place in 2038- long after the events of YIIK. It stars four characters: ONISM1999, DJ, VERRAFormer, and SNESGAMER5 (also known as Mindi).

There is also a narrator who is a fan of ONISM1999's streams. They're able to list very specific details about the streams, and appears to be overly obsessed with them and the streamer herself. He refers to ONISM1999 as a "Titty Streamer".

Story[edit | edit source]

Episode ONE: Stream One[edit | edit source]

A narrator recounts his experience with a stream ONISM1999 had on April 4th, 2028. She had streams called the ONISM1999 Half Hour (Hour), where the half-hour stream would play twice back-to-back, but the second time would have different music in the background. The narrator mentions that there are other vague differences between the half-hour segments, but doesn't elaborate much on what they were. ONISM decides to listen to an album, and DJ plays the record. She says that the album is inspired by a game she is about to play. While she has no direct proof of this being the case, she has a strong intuition that it is. She goes on to say that the site's TOS can't allow her to stream this game as the developer isn't registered, but she's convinced that they don't exist in this reality. Someone in an all-black bodysuit hands ONISM a controller and she starts playing.