ONISM1999:Privacy policy

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Simply visiting this site will not expose any information publicly. IP Addresses will be privately read for temporary use.

The ONISM Wiki will not share or distribute information to any third party. ONISM Wiki collects the information presented in the Account Signup sheet, alongside the given username and password for the account. IP Addresses for users with accounts will be privately kept for 90 days.

For those without accounts, their IP Addresses will be publicly and permanently visible in the article history logs.

Edits to articles are public, and stored in a publicly visible history log. This means that even if an edit is undone or overwritten by another user, it is effectively permanent.

Usage of Information[edit source]

IP Addresses are kept as a way to identify individuals. This is needed in cases where users are being intentionally disruptive, as their IP will be blocked from the site as a result.

Changes to Policy[edit source]

If any changes are made to this policy, it is your responsibility to periodically check it for any changes.