Essentia 995

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The Essentia 995 A symbol representing one of the elemental affinities.

Also Known As Queen
Hot Ma'ma
Voiced By Cait Powers-Page
Age Unknown
Hair Color Blue
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"I'm sorry if I used the poor girl's disappearance as a catalyst. But would anything else really have motivated you?"

The Essentia 995 is an antagonist of YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG. She appears in Ending 1 and is one half of the Twisted Beings. When she first sees Alex, she immediately recognizes him. Proto-Alex claims that she lies all the time, and says whatever she thinks Alex wants to hear. The Essentia 995 takes credit of using Sammy as a catalyst to get Alex to meet her, so she can make Alex attack Proto-Alex to end the division between them.

Alex is unable to defeat them through combat, so he decides to unplug them from the machine which keeps the division permanent, which both 995 and Proto-Alex protest against, 995 saying that it will "make them whole again," and that "Without this everything goes back to the way it was." Ultimately Alex and The Player choose to unplug them, starting New Game+ where the cycle begins anew.

While The Essentia 2000 portrays her relationship with Alex as one of love, Essentia 995's relationship with Proto-Alex is inherently toxic.

She wears Alex's signature red flannel. She also adorns two crowns on her head, whereas Proto-Alex has a singular crown.

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  • Her name is likely supposed to refer to the year 1995, representing the past rather than Essentia 2000's "future."