Phantom vibrations in my pocket


I’ve been experiencing a strange phenomenon. Phantom Vibrations in my pocket. Now, I’ve got a cellular phone that I use for business, and it stays on the vibrate mode. But, even when I’m not carrying it (which is whenever I’m not at work) I still feel it vibrating in my pocket. I reach my pocket, tap the spot where it would be, and there is nothing there. The vibrations feel so real. Has anyone experienced this?


Interesting. I don’t own a cellular phone, but I can imagine the sensation. My father (back when he had a job) used to carry a beeper. We’d hear the beep, and know it was time for him to leave. So, my dad got injured on the job and has been on welfare for five years... his job took the beeper back, but sometimes we’ll still hear it beep in his pocket. He’ll turn out his pants pockets, coat pockets, sweater pockets, and they’ll be empty. It’s pretty spooky.


My dad is also an adopter of the cellular phone. He works for a phone company, so he’s carrying. I’ve warned him about the potential radiation side effects, and about the potential the phone could have for spying, but he still insists on carrying one. Could it be possible that there are paranormal side effects as well? He’s also reported these phantom vibrations. What is a cellular phone other than a radio? Radio’s have been the most viable options for picking up vibrations from the paranormal for ages... maybe the advanced technology in the cellular networks amplifies what radios can already do.


Interesting. If the cellular phone was somehow able to pick up on the extraterrestrial or the supernatural, is there anyone out there who may be trying to contact you? Have any relatives passed on recently, or are you in government work?


This is really interesting!! My work offers cellular devices to everyone on the management tract, which I’ll be beginning next month. I’ve always been perceptible to the paranormal, so I’m expecting to experience this phenomenon quickly!


Is it possible that when you’re feeling it, there is another you out there in the multiverse receiving a phone call?


@vividappears fantastic theory. If the cellular phone is actually amplifying the supernatural, it’s possible that it’s picking up some sort of sonic wave created by another dimension.


@VERAformer, my only issue with this theory is he’s reporting the phantom vibration he’s not in possession of his phone. If it happened when his phone WAS on him, I’d be more likely to accept that it’s from the great beyond. That is, unless carrying the phone has made him more in tune with the supernatural.