Mysterious Haunting in Southern Cave?


Greetings from Mt. Town, ONISM. Rumors have been going around that there is a ghost haunting a nearby cave. I've been thinking of checking it out, and seeing what the deal is.


I've also heard this rumor about the Mt. Town Cave. Apparently it's a girl in her twenties, with long black hair, pale skin (I guess 'cause she's dead?), and glasses. Any chances it's Elevator Girl?


This is the first I'm hearing of this. Has anyone gone to see if they could find the ghost? If you do, please confirm the appearance of the ghost, or upload some photos. I'll try and get out there this weekend, but I'm stuck inside studying for the SATs all week.


I personally checked out the cave. And guys, it's fucking fantastic. Elevator Girl is there. She's the ghost!! We spoke, I got some interesting details about her death, and the star creatures. I'll upload them once I get a chance to get the .wav onto the ONISM server. @VERAformer, when will you fix the upload protocol? The UI is absolute bullshit.


I was was @impossibledry, and it was indeed the ghost of Semi Pak. Tragic really.


Everyone here seems convinced it's Samy Pak, but I'd like to propose an alternate theory. I made a terrible, terrible mistake. In 1995, my sister, Liana, committed suicide. It’s was over this total wastoid SHANE G. IRVING. You know the type. Typical 80’s reject heart throb, and villain of any John Hughs movie. SHANE G. IRVING lead Liana on for months. He never cared for her. NEVER. When she saw him with another girl, it broke her heart. She felt like she needed to get him back. My mom, not really understanding that he was a complete scrub, suggested she make him a mixtape. I, personally, insisted that she cancel her subscription, and get over his issues. But, I was her younger brother, and what did I know about love? Anyway, long story short, she did. And, when crossing the street to his work place, she was hit by a car. From what I hear, he saw her get hit, and he just kept on walking, with another girl in his arm. She was shouting his name too!! SHANE G. IRVING!! SHANE G. IRVING!! SHANE G. IRVING!! Screeching breaks. Thud. Her head hit the pavement... When we went to identify her, they gave us her possessions. Among them, was the mixtape. I put it in my tape deck, and I felt a strange presence. Very. Very. Very. Strange. It was her. Liana was in the tape. i could feel it. So, every night, I would put on the shitty mixtape, and listen to songs that I would’ve never listened to, and talked to my sister’s spirit. Last week, i went to college. Get a phone call, Mom tells me that she had a garage sale, and sold my old tape deck. They had gotten me a new one for college. Only thing is, Liana’s MixTape was in that old tape deck. So, somewhere out there, Liana’s spirit is in the possession of whoever bought he MixTape. I’ve been hearing some strange things... there is a cave north of my school, and people say there is a ghost there of a teenage girl there. I could be wrong, but there is a possibility it is Liana. I know this sounds stupid, but from what I hear, there is a former rockstar/record collector who lives near that cave. People always try and visit him, but being an eccentric metal god, he’s created this elaborate obstacle course thing you need to go through to get to his house. People always try and bring him their music, and give up halfway through... so, I’m thinking someone bought the tape deck, tried to bring the their music to this music legend, and stopped to play some music, and Liana came out... I don’t know. No idea. Anyway, I’m requesting one of two things. Pick me up at Easton U. or, go and get the tape and bring it to me. I’ll do literally anything you ask if you manage to get back Liana’s Mix Tape. Thank you!!!