Weird game a QT’s brother made


I’ve been seeing this girl. She isn’t my girlfriend yet, but I’m working on it. She’s cool, but her family is really weird. They don’t really talk when I go over her houes. Her brother has something wrong with him. Some form of autism, I’d guess. She tells me her brother is really into making computer games. I said that it was cool, trying not to come off really impressed, although I was. Apparently he wants to make a game that feels like the game itself is possessed by a spirit. I didn’t really know what that meant. A few months go by, still not much like with the girl, but enjoying her platonic company. So, on wednesday the girl invites me over to play the game, and we boot it up on his computer. Game runs from DOS. Graphics are shit, but there was something there... something that cut really deep. In the game, nobody else knows that your character is under a curse, except for him. The game opens with bold white text on the screen “YOU HAVE BEEN CURSED.” The curse is super weird, becuase you wouldn’t expect it to really be that big of a deal. Whenever you go to pickup a phone in the game, you this this screaming HISS in your ear. It was really cool, the kid had set it up so it only came out off one speaker. Felt really realistic! Everyone in the town is afraid of your uncle, because they all know he haunted by a rambunctious ghost. But when you get into a fight with your uncle who is raising you, the ghost comes out, and curses to you. Your character's rival is trying to stop a merperson who wants to end an old feud with the town’s mayor. You know the only way to break the curse is to get the ghost to move over to the merperson... only thing is, your rival will likely kill him before you can get to him. Every time you try and leave your home to continue the quest, people keep calling you on your telephone. And you can’t hear what they’re saying because they’re just screaming that hiss at you. HISS! HISS!! HISS!! And this is where it gets really interesting! Ordinary people can't know that your character had a child with a giant dragon hunter. Only a select few know that your character can sense spirits. Eventually the town starts to suspect that your character is having an affair with an ethereal being, and things get Reaaaallly crazy! I finish playing the game, it was about 35 minutes long, and I realize I’ve broken out in a cold sweat. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the game. So, anyway, I go home, and I plan on calling the girl later that night. But when I go to pickup the phone, I swear I hear that hiss. It’s really faint... but my heart starts racing, and I can’t call her. Just couldn’t bring myself to do it. And now, every time i hear the phone ring, I panic. Of course I know the game wasn’t possessed or anything like that but the anxiety it created was real. I’m going to try and call her soon, and see if he’s cool with me putting it up on the site. I think you guys would really like it.


That game sounds cool. I hope you get to post it soon. Keep us updated.Sorry you didn’t get any action, VERAformer.


Whelp, I’m pretty spooked. Has the hissing gone away?


Yeah, hissing went away. I called her, she said she’d ask her brother... I’ll update you guys if she ever gets back to us.