OFF TOPIC - Pocket monsters cards for sale.


Hello,This is a lot of all Pocket Monster Cards circa from Aqua/Turquis/ and before (so second generation and first release of Pocketmonsters). Lots of rare cards included, like Venasaur and Arcanine promo cards from 1st series, pretty hard to find. All cards are sleeved and stored together with their like-series evolution cards. -700 common/uncommon cards -150 rare/holo cards paired with in-series evolution cards -25 rare/holo gym leader cards -60 rare/holo/in-series item cards Trying to TRADE entire lot all together, will consider piecing apart for serious buyers, not those who want to browse and weren't looking for anything to begin with...Really I’m looking for (Buried Treasure.) I’ve got aspirations of being a pirate, but I don’t know where to begin without any (Buried Treasure). If you’re interested I work at the Gas station South East of Frankton, South of Wind Town. So, if you’re interested, and you’ve got the booty (Buried Treasure), I’m your man!